Chapter 4- Dead

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I ran as fast as I could home.

"You can't run from me Nane." It whispered.

I ran into my house and locked the doors.

"Nane?" I hear a normal voice at my front door.

"Nane Radsla! Open the door!" It said again. I opened the door.

"Nane!! " My friend Leah ran through the door. Leah became my Friend after the party, she was the only person who would belive me.

"Nane! What happened! You look like you have been messing with a knife, man!" Leah said.

Wait, what? I ran to the bathroom and looked in my mirror. My face was scratched with various deep cuts, all covered in blood. I washed my face to reveal how many cuts I had. I counted eight scratches four made two X's on by cheeks, one on my chin, one down my nose, and one at the corners of both my eyes. Leah came in the washroom.

"Bro, you look like a killer." She said.

"Leah, get armed, lock all the doors, turn off all the lights adjust your sight to the darkness, if someone knocks do not answer. Got it?" she nodded.

"Smart, but not smart enough." the voice said. A sharp pain went through my head.

"No" I said. I stood up. The lights went out. My eyes adjusted immediately.

The next few weeks went by quick.

"Radsla..." I heard a familiar voice say. No one says my last name except...

"Ben?" I said unsure.

"Hey, who's Ben?" Leah asked, her hands where out in front of her.

"Ben was my friend, the first found dead."

"Key word there, dead." Leah said.

"I know, I- I heard his voice." I looked out the window to see Ben on the other side if the road.

"It's time," He mouthed.

"Leah, follow me." I said walking towards the kitchen to get another knife. We walked out of the door and headed towards the forest.

"Ok. Nane, I know I am your friend and all but I am NOT going in the forest." Leah backed up.

"Go and wait in the house then." I said. I walked into the forest.

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