You cant do it on your own

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" She's going to kill me. If the pneumonia doesn't kill me first. " She said for the thousandth time.

I squeezed her hand that was wrapped in mine and told her to calm down. " Babe, I will talk to her. "

" That will make it worse! Walter and Riley will definitely murder me." She panicked " brown house."

" Melody " I said parking in front of her house. " No one will hurt you. and if they do you tell me alright. "

She nodded. " Good" I said placing a soft kiss on her lips.

I walked around the truck opening her door, and brought her down. We began walking up to the house when the door swung open. " Melody!!!" a voice screamed.

" Oh no". Melody froze. " Ty I'll see you Tomorrow okay just go."

She gave me a quick kiss and raced forward. This was not gonna end like that, my mama taught me manners. I followed Melody right to where her mom began yelling at her. " Where the fuck were you!? the school called to say you weren't in any of your classes. are you trying to fail?!"

"I'm s-" she began before I interrupted.

I grabbed her waist from behind and looked at her mom. " Please accept my apologies m'am, Melody was with me. I saw her at school this mornin' and saw she wasn't feeling well so I took her out for her to feel better. My names Tyler oaks. I just moved back into town. " I stated.

Melody turned around and glared at me but I just ignored her and smiled real big. " Oh! that's fine sweetie I'm glad she has a good friend like you. " Her mom gushed.

" I really am sorry m'am. We should've called, you must have been worried. It won't happen again. " I pushed.

Her moms eyes glowed, " why such a sweetheart, it's fine. Thank you.ill be inside if you need me. "

With one last wink at her daughter, Mel's mom went back inside. " She's sober. " Mel whispered.

She then turned to me, "she hasn't been sober since dad 'left'. " she smiled at me, " I didn't know you could kiss ass so good."

I smirked, " there's a lot of things you don't know about me dear."

She laughed, and I brought her closer to me enveloping her in my arms. " When did I get lucky enough to meet you?" I asked

" When did you get so cheeky? " she laughed.

I smiled at the beautiful girl in and out in front of me. I brought my lips down on hers and kissed her with all I had. I trusted her and I would make her trust me too no matter how long it took. " Ehem." we heard behind us

When we broke apart we noticed Riley standing in the doorway. Melody blushed and smiled at her brother. " Time to go Melody. " He said

"Okay. I'll be right there " she responded. Then she turned to me " I'll see you tomorrow? "

"Of course. Call me tonight?" I asked

" I don't have your number. she giggled .

I pulled out a paper and scribbled my number on it. Then I kissed her forehead and handed it to her. "Good night. "


"Larissa ? " I yelled

I walked in through the doors of the house, my sister was laying on the couch fast asleep. I walked up to her and planted a kiss on her forehead. I picked her up and was about to walk her toward her room when I noticed a dark mark on her cheek. It was barely noticeable. But it was darkening. With shaking hands i took my little sister back to her room and then ran out the house into the backyard. I closed the door making sure Larissa didn't hear anything and I walked up to my dad. He was sitting in his chair passed out with a bear in his hand and empty cans around him. I marched closer to him and kicked his chair over, sending him tumbling over. His eyes shot open instantly and he clumsily picked himself up off the floor. He searched around groggily until his eyes landed on me. " what the hell boy ?" He yelled.

I lunged foward and knocked him onto the floor. " what the fuck is that mark on my sisters face?" I yelled from up top him

" get off me!"

" tell me what the fuck that was?! Now!" I yelled in his face.

His face paled and he began to take me seriously. " she wasn't listening to me! she made a mess and ..-"

"And so you had to fucking punch her?!" I roared rage filling up within me. " Don't ever fucking touch her again got it!"

"She's my daughter not yours! I can do whatever the hell I please!" he screamed pulling me off punching me straight I'm the jaw.

I quickly socked him in the eye and went around him getting him in a headlock. He struggled against my hold, but eventually his body just went numb. That's when I let go. He was still breathing of course, just knocked out.

Walking into the kitchen I grabbed a cloth and wiped my hands. " Ty?" I heard a soft call.

I looked up to see Larissa I'm the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, cheek getting worse, eyes lazily opened. "Hey la." I walked over to her pulling her in for a hug. " How was your day?"

"Daddy got mad at me. " she whispered eyes beginning to water.

"Why baby?"

"I was bad." she cried

Pulling her into my embrace I held her tight till her cries died out. " Hey, why don't you go to Kelly's house? you wanna sleep over today? "

With her eyes shinning bright she instantly smiled. Nodding her head enthusiastically. "Let's go then ".


"Now be good and listen to mrs. M ok?" I told her when we got there.

" She always is.." Maura smiled.

"Thank you so much for doing this Maura. Things have been a little hectic these days. " I sighed.

Maura was my moms best friend, her daughter and my sister were practically twins. Maura knew everything going on at home and she helped us out a lot. " Oh sweetie it's no problem. " She said while the two girls giggled on through the house. " What happened?"

" He hit her. " I growled.

With her hand on my shoulder she smiled at me. " Well why don't I keep Larissa here for the week? Kelly would absolutely flip with joy. And she's so cute, no trouble at all."

" I don't want to abuse Maura. You do so much I can handle it. I'll just come home after school and stay with her. " I said.

" Nonsense, I love both of you kids you know that. This is what your mom would want love. Your only a kid still this shouldn't be your fate, but sometimes the universe does things we might not understand. Only in the end it's for the better. I know it's hard now but the light is still at the end of the tunnel. Just Because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. You'll get your silver lining sweetie, just let me help. You can't do everything on your own. " She stated softly.

I knew she was right, I couldn't so this on my own. Maura was so much like my mom, smart and wise. " Thank you Maura. " I said gratefully

"Oh Baby, it's no problem. " She stated hugging me.

" If anything please call. I'll be here in a second. " I whispered.

" I will. Now go get some rest. Your body is your temple, and you need to take care of it. " She smiled.

I nodded returning a smile of my own and I walked back to the truck. It was only seven thirty, and I couldn't go back home yet. So I went to the next best place.

Sorry it's really short but the next chapter will be here soon 👌.

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