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Let's forget everything. Let's forget the schoolwork. Let's forget the ones who bring us down. Let's forget the judgement. Let's forget the risks. Let's forget society's rules. Let's forget everything. 

Let's focus on us. Let's be selfish for once, but while remembering to selfless at times. Let's be crazy. Let's follow our dreams instead of thinking of what could go wrong. Let's find ourselves. Let's have a voice for ourselves for once. Let's run free. Let's spend 10,000 hours on something we love. 

Since when did we have to follow a path that was planned for us by society? Break that path and start a new one. Be a innovator, be confident, and forget those who forgot you. 

Skip when those among you walk. Fly against the wind. Laugh when everyone is not. 

Be different. Different is not bad. It is the source of creativity and diversity in the world. Society made different bad. But who is society? It is us, at our worst. Let's be at our best. Go find ourselves. 

A/N: this is just random cloud of thoughts. 

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