Cambree's POV

I snuggled further into my covers as i heard my alarm go off. My door was soon ripped open as somebody walked into my room and shook me awake. 

"Cambree, come on its time to wake up." My dad stated

I groaned and snuggled further into my covers. 

"Cambree you need to get up. Blake is waiting for you." My dad stated. 

I just groaned again. Upon me groaning the cover were ripped off of me. 

I snapped my eyes open. 

"What was that for?" I asked rather loudly

"You need to get up and get going." Lou stated once again. 

I got up out of bed and walked into my closet. I grabbed some random clothes and pulled on

I walked into my bathroom, ran a straightener through my hair, washed my face and did my make up. 

I finished and walked back out of the bathroom, pulled on my shoes and grabbed my bag and phone along with my phone charger. 

I walked out of my room and down the stairs to see everybody down there already. 

I then walked into the kitchen, grabbed some breakfast and ate it while everybody talked around me. 

"Hey babe." I heard from behind me as blake wrapped his arms around my waist as i was leaning against the counter. 

"Hey baby." I stated as i turned around in his arms and pecked his lips. 

As i pecked his lips a heard a click of a camera. I looked over to see dani taking pictures of me and blake. I turned back around in his arms and smiled as blake did the same as dani snapped a picture of us. 

"Oh guys thats so cute." Dani exclaimed. 

"Hey dani could you print those pictures in black and white and in color for me?" I asked her. 

"sure thing doll." Dani stated as lou walked in. 

"Hey cambree, its about time to go, go brush your teeth." He stated as blake walked up the stairs with me. We walked into my bathroom, i got my toothbrush and handed blake his. 

We finished brishing our teeth and walked out. We made our way down stairs and into the car. 

We arriaved at school and we went our seperate ways. 

Thank the lord it was finally lunch time. I am starving. I went to the vending machines got some food and sat back down. 

I sat down and we began conversations about soccer. 

"Cambree you able to play today?" John asked. 

"Yeah, im going over to justins today after school to take a nap." I told them. They all knew about me being adopted and how i am one directions daughter, not to mention the justing bieber is my neighbor. 

"Okay cool." He stated back and continued the conversation on. 

Lunch soon ended and off i went to gym with blake. 

That class soon ended and blake and i went out front to find justin. I recognized his range rover and blake and i got in. 

"Hey justin." I stated. 

"Hey cambree, hey blake how was school?" He asked. 

"Pretty good." Blake and i stated at the same time. 

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