Chapter 1

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He pulled me by my hair to the dark basement.  His hits felt like knifes slashing across my face.  Why does he keep doing this me, and why does my mother keep letting him?  My loud horrifying screams were trapped inside the basement, know one could here me scream or cry. 

I Blacked Out.

 My name is Ciara Janae Smith.  I have smooth honey colored skin, hazel almond shaped eyes with long black eyelashes,  I stand at 5'3 even with long wavy black hair that hangs down to the middle of my back and curls naturally.  I just turned 16 this past December and my birthday was one of the worst days of my life. 

I went to school earlier that day and my best friends Naomi (the ghetto fabulous black girl), Keianna (the sweet quiet black girl), and Sabrina (the white girl) all decided they were going to my house.  Neither of them know my parents, or my situation but they know where I live because we all ride the same bus to school.  The whole day I begged them not to come but they wouldn't take no for an answer and showed up at my house anyway.  I was hoping that I would get lucky and my parents wouldn't come home but with my bad luck my dad came home.  But he wasn't alone it was him and a few of his homeboys. Me and the girls were all in the living room having girl chat when they entered the house. I just stared at them in disbelief as they looked at all of us with hunger in their eyes.  I couldn't believe they were going to do this to me on my birthday.

"We came for the party." one of them spoke

Yet there was no balloons, no cake, no ice cream and no decorations. My father looked at me with the most twisted grin I had ever seen.

"Let's Go!" I yelled as I started running to my room my girls were following me but they weren't fast enough because they each got caught by one of my dad's friends.  I made it safely in my room where I heard their loud piercing screams ringing in my ears.  I cant believe they are doing this to me on my birthday.  That's when I heard my mom screaming my name.  I grabbed a hammer from under my pillow and slowly opened the door.

I heard nothing but silence.  I looked to my left then to my right.

"Sabrina!" *silence*

"Naomi!" *silence*

"Keianna!" *silence*

I walked to the kitchen and I didn't see nor did I hear anyone but when I turned around there was Lil Cee one of m dad's homeboys staring at me with a smile on his face. He had his hands behind his back and his head was tilted to the right.

"Where are they you sick bastard?!?!"

"It's just you and me baby everybody's gone."  The words gone repeated in my head over and over again

"Now just give me the hammer baby for I have to hurt you." he whispered as if he wanted know one else to hear him.

Just as I was about to swing the hammer he dropped his hands and struck me in the head with his pistol.

I Blacked Out.

When I woke up I was on the bottom of a bunk bed.  I looked up to see a blood stain on the mattress above me.  I started screaming when I notices Keianna on the bottom of the bunk of another bunk bed across the room naked and chained.  I didn't know what to think so I did the only thing I could and cried silently. Keianna must have heard me because she was looking directly at me when I turned my head towards her.  Looking in her eyes I could tell everything she had been through only because I had the same look in my eyes when it happened to me.  Moments later my father walked in and came straight towards me.

"I heard you tried to fight back...why did you try to fight back?"  Before I could respond to him he continued speaking.

"You should know right from wrong by now Ciara its not like this is your first time." he shook his head at me "So whatever happens here is all your fault."  He leaned in to kiss me and I turned my head the other way.  He laughed like he was an evil villain who had just gotten away.  He grabbed my face and forced his lips upon mine. "Silly Bitch." he laughed as he walked out.

Blood hit me in the forehead from the mattress above and I started to cry even harder than before. 

Then my dad and his three friends entered the room.


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