Chapter 5

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I wake up with my hands and feet tied together. I look around and see everyone tied up. I hear the soft hum of a motor, I knew something wasn't right. "Guys wake up." I whisper. They all look at me, an I noticed that Wes was right by me. He whispers into my ear, "I know something bad is going to happen, I heard the people talking and they said heads were going to roll." I sigh and see that everyone is trying to keep calm. "I can't take it anymore!" I whisper then I bang my head against the wall. The van came to a stop and the door opened. "Well it looks like everyone had a nice nap!" I look up and see the ugliest sight ever Alexis. Jasmine yelled, "let us go! We can take you!" She laughed, "you can't take her!" Then Sally climbed into the van. Jasmine in shock, "Sally we are friends! Why are you doing this?" She scoffs, "because of kings island!" I laughed, "you are kidnapping us over an 8th grade trip!" She glared at my the pulled out a knife and cut the leg ropes and drag me out of the van.


We all wait to hear what happens to Taylor. The door is closed and all we can hear is the sound of punching. Then the van door opens and Taylor is thrown back in. Before we could see what they did Sally yelled, "it wasn't a trip it made my life a living hell!" Then the door slammed shut. "Taylor what happened?" Drew asked trying to scoot closer. "Don't ask!" She says and leans her head back. I look at Jasmine , "what happened on you trip?" She sighed, "it's a long story!" I nod my head.

1 hour later

The van stopped and the door opened again. Alexis yelled, "everyone out!" We all stand up and climb out off the van. Sally smiled, "okay guys walk in the door! Don't try to run or we will shoot!" We all nod and walk in the abandoned building. Alexis smiled, "Drew come with me." He looked at me then he looked at Taylor. Before Alexis grabbed his arm, he ran and gave Taylor a kiss and he was pulled away from her.


Alexis pulled me in a room, "Drew I love you and you are mine not that sluts out there." I shake my head, "I love that slut out there. " she shakes her, "I'm sad you had to say that!" She grabbed a rag and put it over my mouth and it all went black. Before I went out I heard her laughing and I felt her pulling at my pants, "fuck my life!" I whispered!

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