Brooke's POV

*Ding Dong*

Eleanor Is here. Louis opened the door and immediately engulfed her into a hug and a nice sweet kiss which Made me smile. He moved out of the way and I saw her, I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped lower than the floor. I knew I would look like a potato next to her but I look like a toad compared to her. Her long brown wavy hair,slim figure,skinny legs and arms,gorgeous bright eyes and just wow she is flawless.

"Hi sweetheart, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Your absolutely gorgeous" she said with a warm smile and embraced me into a hug. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you too, Louis hasn't stopped counting down the minutes till you got here and oh thank you but I'm really not. You however are simply beautiful" I replied with a smile. Niall snaked his arm around my waist and said "Yes you are babe, your gorgeous", he then pecked my cheek "oh shush you lot" I said while chuckling.

Eleanor and I started chatting and got to know each other and she is already a sister to me. "You,Perrie and I, have to go shopping some time, a girls day" she said with a smile. "Absolutely" I replied

I looked at my phone and it was 9:40pm already! Didn't realize we had been talking for so long, but we practically knew everything about each other. The boys came back in and we turned the tv on. "Who is this mystery girl that Niall Horan has been caught making out with in the park? Could Niall have found his princess? The mystery girl has also been spotted going out with the whole One Direction group a couple of times. Is she a long lost sister to one of the boys? That's all we have time for tonight folks, Tune in tomorrow" I turned the television off and looked at the boys, they had shocked expressions. Harry finally spoke up "I'm actually surprised they didn't find out about you earlier. Nice makeout session in the park eh?" He said with a smirk then winked at me and Niall.

The boys chuckled and Zayn said "The fans will soon find out, but you will be fine Brooke. Your our little sister and we aren't gonna lose you" all the boys nodded in agreement and I said "Thanks so much for everything guys". They smiled. "They could at least get the news right because yes I have found my princess" Niall said while kissing me on the lips. "EWWW PDA" Louis squealed like a girl. Eleanor slapped him and told him to shut up. I got out my phone and checked my twitter. Before I had 1000 followers, now I have 5000. I scrolled down the comments I had gotten and some were nice and some weren't so nice.

"You're ugly"

"Niall is mine bitch!!"

"Ignore the hate, your gorgeous"

"Your pretty"

"Slut alert!!"

"He could do way better than you, you whore"

"Your not a whore or slut, your beautiful:) Stay strong xx"

I replied to the nice comments and followed them. I already knew I was ugly and fat so they didn't tell me anything new. Didn't really bother me to be honest. "The fans already know" I said. All the boys came over except for Niall because he was beside me already but they took my phone and scrolled down the comments and they looked disgusted. "Don't your dare listen to them, they are not our fans if they say that and you are not fat,ugly or a slut!" Liam said! Niall looked like he was about burst into tears. I nodded and went upstairs and sat on my bed. Someone came in and sat next to me. "It's alright honey, it does get better I promise. They are very protective over the boys but they have no right saying that, especially when it's not true and hurts the boys" Eleanor said and she pulled me in for a hug.

Zayn's POV

I am absolutely disgraced with the comments Brooke received! I took out my phone and posted on twitter @ZaynMalik1D- Disgusted with the comments that people sent to @BrookeBaby10. She means so much to us and by sending her hate, your hurting us! Please stop it! She doesn't deserve it xx

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