Chapter 8

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I wake up to Caleb still sleeping. His arm still around me as if someone's going to hurt me. I don't move, I like it this way. I heard Jake was out in jail, and that he will be facing trials. I shudder. I will not think about him anymore I tell myself.

I close my eyes and lay there thinking about everything. Life, cheer, but most of all Caleb. He's so peaceful when he sleeps.

I get a little closer to him. I must have moved to much because he wakes up. I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep.

"Oh so you wanna play that game?" He says. He starts tickling me and I laugh. "Good morning to you too!" I say with a laugh.

He smiles at me. His smile is perfect, his hair is perfect. He is strong an masculine. That is also perfect. We were made for each other. He is the other puzzle piece to finish me. That's what I like about him.

I check my phone. "Great 8:15! I'm going to be late for school." I say. We both jump up and get dressed and head towards school. We arrive and when I get out he grabs my hand. We walk into the school together as a pair and this is also perfect to me.

As I am walking down the hall, everyone starts to whisper to the person they were originally talking to before I walked in. I whisper to caleb," Are they talking about me?"

"I don't know.", he replies. I walk down the halls and find my other friend Matthew.

"Ally, it's bad. The news about you and Jake is already all over the school." Said Matthew.

My face turned a bright red, and my eyes began to burn. Tears were welling up in my eyes. I shook off Caleb's hand and ran. I ran out if the school. I can't go in today. I can't do it. Everyone was calling me a whore, slut, tramp. I can't keep going to that.

Tears fall from my cheeks. I hear a familiar voice. It's Matthew. "Ally, are you okay?" I shake my head. I feel a hand on my back and hear him sit right next to me. "I know it's not true. What their saying."

"Matthew!", I scream, "it doesn't matter what you think! Everyone's calling me a whore and a slut and a tramp! You expect me to think what you say makes it better?"

"Sorry." , he whispers. I didn't mean to tell I'm just angry. My fists are in tight balls. And my face is the bright shade of red.

"I'm sorry.", I say," I didn't mean to be so hateful. I'm just having a really hard time."

He replies,"I know. And that's why this is going to make it better."

I lift my head to see what he is talking about and before I could say anything he kisses me. I kiss back and then I realize, no, this isn't right I'm with Caleb. "Matthew stop." I say.

But it's too late. There is caleb standing right behind us. Did he see it? he must have. he was standing there the whole time.

I look at him and start to say something. He just shakes his head. And I see something in his eyes. it can't be tears. He never cries.

Then I realize. He is crying. And it was because of me.


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