Chapter 12

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It was early in the morning. Karen had come into the mansion to find the three demons sitting at the table, eating breakfast.

"What happened to Suzanne?" Karen asked.

"It seems as though the evil aura targeted her. She is most likely in a comatose," Shin answered.

"Suzanne is in a coma, and you guys can still calmly eat breakfast?" Karen asked with a frown.

"There is no point in rushing. Suzanne isn't going anywhere," Emeline said.

"While they eat, I can brief you," Terril said. "Since Suzanne is unable to accompany Shin, you will need to accompany Shin."

"Wait what!? Why do I have to go?!" Karen cried out. "I'm not even his medium!"

"We need you to be under the guise of a detective so that Shin can have the freedom to investigate the museum as your client," Terril said. "Humans are investigating the situation, and most of the victims tend to stay in one place. He's being called back as a witness."

"Will I really be allowed to investigate when I'm not really a detective?" Karen asked.

"I've already set up your credentials," Terril said. "Your costume is already in the changing room. Please get dressed soon because Shin will be leaving as soon as he's done with eating."

"C-costume!?" Karen repeated. "Do I have to? Detectives can just wear every day clothes."

"The costumes are imperative. All the costumes are jinxed so that you will have a different appearance. That way you cannot be tracked," Terril answered.

So, it was something like that!?

"Even our clothes when we are in the mansion?" Karen asked.

"Why else would we make you wear a uniform? It's to protect your identities in case we have overly curious visitors," Terril answered. "Now, hurry along."

Karen nodded and left to go change. She was appalled when she found the costume. She should have known it would be just as stupid. She always made fun of Suzanne for her costumes, and now Karen was getting a taste of her embarrassment. The costume practically screamed 'female detective.' Karen wondered why they costumes had to be such... costumes. Why couldn't they just be normal clothes that were jinxed? This costume was a beige plaid school uniform. It came with a cap, capelet, and even knee-length socks.

Terril was waiting for Karen outside her changing room. He handed her a messenger bag.

"Your credentials are in this bag, and a few items that every detective should have," Terril told her.

"Let's hurry and get Suzanne back. I don't want to be her replacement for long," Karen huffed as Terril began to lead her away.

"Your job is simple," Terril said. "You just need to stay close to Shin and distract the humans whenever possible."

It made sense to Karen. In fact, this situation was a typical plot in some tv shows were the detective is more like the poster person while the assistant was the real mastermind. With Karen's outrageous costume, she would have no problem getting attention. Maybe this was also why the costumes were so ridiculous.

Terril dropped off the pair at the museum. There were police cars and reporters everywhere. Small crowds of curious people hung about. Terril opened the door for Shin, who stepped out of the car. Karen followed him. She could already feel the stares as they made their way through the crowd. She could hear snide comments as she passed by.

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