Chapter 14

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*Maria's p.o.v*

I yawn and open my eyes. "Morning babe." Louis says kissing my cheek. "Morning." I said snuggling closer to him. "As much as I want to stay like this I really need to pee." Louis chuckled. I groan and shook my head no.

"Come on get up unless you want me to pee on you." Louis said giving me a serious look. My eyes widen and I scoot away from him. He laughed and got up to pee. I snuggle into the covers until he gets done with his business.

"Alright I'm done we can snuggle now." Louis said walking in. "No." I mumble snuggling into the covers. "Awe babe I had to pee for one minute and you already find something else to snuggle with." Louis laughed. I just nod and hide in the covers.

I don't hear him for a few minutes and i poke my head put from under neath. I don't see him and I get curious. Next thing I know he popes from beside the bed and jumps on me. He starts to tickle me causing me to laugh. "Stop." I laugh squirming around.

"Will you let me cuddle with you." He asks raising an eye brow. "Yes." I said still laughing. He stops tickling me and we cuddle again. "It's not nice to tickle people unexpectedly." I pout. "I expected it so it wasn't unexpected." He sasses. I pout again but put my head in his side anyways.

"I heard you were dating Seth." He randomly mentioned. "Didn't I tell you I had to do that so he would shut his mouth?" I asked. "Oh maybe I just wanted to hear you say that again." Louis said laughing a little. I raised my eyebrow and ask, "So then why are you laughing?" "I think it's funny he has to get a fake girlfriend by black mailing."

"Yea I guess it's funny now lets talk about food. What do you have good to eat?" I asked. He starts to laugh again, but picks me up. He takes me to the kitchen and sets me on the counter. I giggle a bit and watch as he starts cooking.

"You know I love a man who can cook." I said winking at him. He blushes a bit and walks in front of me. He stands between my legs and eskimo kisses me. I giggle a bit more and he smirks. "When did my cheekiness rub off on you?" He asks. I smirk and we eskimo kiss again.

"You know what how about we go out tomorrow?" "like a date?" I ask. "Yea I see why not." He shruggs. "Sure I'de love to." I smiled. "Good because I already have it planned. Now I need to finish the food." Louis said as he goes back cooking the eggs.

[A/N: It's a filler sorry]

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