Chapter 3

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Makaila's POV

One word. Rayshawn. He's all I think about. But yet, I'm still torn between my love for him, and my fear of losing him. We've never met. It's horrible. Can you even love someone you haven't met? Well you know, I don't give a fuck. I love him from what I've seen so far. As another thing to worry about is, my family and his family trippin' out over the age difference. I'm not worried about it. But there's always that thought. Enough about the problems , let's jump to the actual story.

I wake up every morning from his calls. I get up , take a steaming hot shower. Do my hygiene thing. And get dressed. Today was Monday. First day of my junior year. I decided to wear some light blue skinny jeans, a pink cut off shoulder shirt, my all white J's, and of course , the gold chain Rayshawn bought for me. I looked hella right. Rayshawn picks me up every morning and takes me to school. Just so he can see me. And he takes me home. Life is just perfect right now. I was waiting on the porch for him to pull up. I look down at my phone for 5 seconds and look who pulls up. He drove an all back Dodge Challeneger, with 2 red strips down the middle of the car. I couldn't believe it. He got out and walked to me and gave me a sweet kiss.

"Goodmorning ma" he said in my ear."Goodmorning" I smiled and said back.

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