Chapter 15

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Sam's POV-

After we all finished eating, and got ready, we headed to the living room. Niall announced to every one, that we were heading out. We received a bunch of "oooohhhs" and "make out hill" sounds and reenactments. I giggled, and we left the house, heading out to Niall's car.

Niall opened the passenger door for me, and I gladly got in. "Thank you." I said kindly, receiving a smile from him. "Your very welcome, love." He closed the door after I got buckled in, and went around the front if the car, to the driver seat, and got in.

As he started the car, my phone started to buzz, again, and again, almost as if it was a ringtone. I pulled it out of my pocket, and read the name on the screen.

It said Caroline. I slid my finger on the screen, accepting the call, and putting the phone to my ear, "Hey, Caroline! Haven't heard from you in a while!" I said into the phone glancing at Niall, who had already locked his eyes on the cement.

"Hey, Sam! Where have you been? I went to your house a few days ago, all your stuff was gone! I think you were robbed!" I laughed, I never told her I moved in with the lads. "No! No, no! I moved out, and in with my new friends, Louis, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and my boyfriend, Niall."

I glanced at Niall again, a smile tugging on his lips. "Oh! Can I come and meet every one?!" I smiled, glad she wanted to meet them. "Of course! I'll let you know when me and Ni get home, we are going to Chris, he was in a car accident."

I heard her moving around in the background. "Isn't Chris the guy you lived with three years ago?" She asked, clearly, she didn't spend much time with me then. "Yea, my cousin. Hey, are you still single?" I bit my lip. "Hell, ya! I can't find the right guy! I love curly hair and dimples, and all the guys that have that here are fucking idiots!" I laughed at the slightly true statement. She lived just outside Helena. "Why do you ask?" I shook my head, escaping the thought. "No reason. I'll see you later. Bye." "Bye." I hung up.

I looked out the window, leaning back in the car seat. "Hey, Niall, is Harry single? I got a friend who I think is the perfect one for him." Niall nodded. "Ever since a month or two before we met you ya. Maybe we could be matchmakers." We both laughed.


When we got to the hospital, we walked in, and asked the lady at the desk what room, Chris Sturman was in. We went to his room, and opened the door. Chris looked at me with his big yellow eyes.

"Hey!" I grinned running over to give him a hug, receiving one back from him. "Hi, Sam!" Chris was in his early twenties. Brown hair, yellow eyes, brown wolf, ex alpha of the pack I was in when I was living with him.

"Chris, I want you to meet, Niall." Niall walked over and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you, Chris." Niall said to him. "I like your name, does it mean anything?" Chris asked.

"Uh.." He replied, as he tried to think. "Doesn't it mean 'Champion'? That's what I heard from Liam." I added to the conversation. Niall snapped his fingers. "That's it, I think.." We all laughed.

We talked, and chilled for a bit before we had to head out. I hugged Chris, and told him I'd visit again. After we got home, I texted Caroline the address, and that she can come now. We waited for about an hour, when there was a knock at the door.

Harry's POV-

I heard knocking on the door, being I was standing anyways, after throwing a wrapper out, I went to go and answer it. "I got it." My raspy voice was the only thing heard in the room, besides the tv, and Zayn and Louis having a tickle fight.

I opened the door, and my heart beat was faster, and louder. My eyes connected with her eyes. I got lost in her eyes. "Hello." I said shyly. She smiled. "Hi, I'm Caroline, Samantha's friend."

I turned to Sam behind me, and lip synced, "Why didn't you mention her before?!" I turned back, to Caroline, and stepped aside. "Come on in, can I get you anything?" She stuttered a little. I think she likes me. I hope so, I feel a strong connection.

Niall's POV-

I walked over to Sam, and silently high-fived her, and whispered. "Matchmakers step 1. He is blushing, so is she, that's good." We chuckled silently.

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