Angel galloped away from the opera house on crescendo's back. She brought him down to a walk as she passed the hotel where she had dropped off Gustave. Her younger brother. She looked in and saw him in the lobby with a man who she guessed was the Vicomte Raoul de Changy, Gustave's 'father'. Raoul was talking to the man at the front desk, not paying any attention to Gustave whatsoever. The child turned to see Angel, crescendo, Hannibal, and Muto, smiled, and ran out to her.
"Angel!" he said happily, "have you seem my mother? father has been looking for her."
Angel cringed at the word "father".
"Gustave, I have something to tell you." Angel said.
"Your mother...she's my mother too. We're brother and sister. Our father is the same too."
"Raoul is your father too?"
"No. You've never met him. He raised me. I'm leaving my Lying patents. Would you like to come with?"
She offered the young boy his hand. He took it.
"Lets go." He said.
Raoul was freaking out. Gustave was gone with some girl on a black horse. Now he has to find his son and Christine. He suddenly had an idea. They were in Paris, and what was in Paris? the opera populaire. He ran down the street, until he ran into Christine, following a man in a mask.
"YOU! YOU KIDNAPPED MY SON! YOU AND YOUR LITTLE MINION!" Raoul screamed. Erik stared at him, baffled.
"Back off Monsieur Le Vicomte," Erik growled, "I don't know how much alcohol you've consumed, but I do know that my daughter is gone and I must find her."
"What woman would possibly...?" Raoul stopped. He glared straight at Christine.
"You whore! you slept with him but married me? how could you? Is Gustave at least mine?" he snapped. Christine stared at him sadly.
"He's Erik's isn't he?" Raoul snapped.
Christine nodded.
"I ought to-" Raoul said, walking towards her. Erik got in front of her.
"Monsieur Le vicomte," Erik said calmly,"if you hurt her, I will not hesitate to kill you. If you hurt my daughter or my son, I will not hesitate to kill you. So I suggest you hesitate before you chose your actions."
Raoul hesitated.
"Fine. If you want help finding them, I know people who can help." He said. Erik nodded.
"We will have a truce until we find the children." He said,"c'mon, we have to find them."

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