My Lucky Mistletoe (one direction)

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Ch 1

*boom* *boom* *boom* went fireworks in the background. The sky is spotted with a rainbow of sparks and flames. All I hear in the background is the screaming of people shouting "happy New Years." Everywhere I turn I see couples kissing.

Oh we'll this makes my New Year awkward. I would get a drink, but I'm my friends ride home, and at least one of us should be sober.

Speaking of Kate where is she?

I look around to see her making out with some guy, and a glass of champagne in her right hand.

I walk over to her and grab her shoulder.

She looks at me, and in seconds she realizes its me.

"Cas-Casey," she slurs.

"Have you met Markkk?"

"Come on Kate lets get you home."

"N-no Iii wanna stay. I I thinnk hhes got a frrrriend. Come on Case join thhhhhe parrty."

"No Kate your drunk."

I grab Kate and hails taxi. It took half an hour to get home because it is time square. Especially because its on New Years.

Once we arrive at my house, I pull her up the steps. I unlock the door, and get her to lay down on the couch. Minutes later she is passed out. after she fell asleep I go and run my fingers through my knotted blond hair. I get some out the best I can. I go to my kitchen and pour a glass of champagne. I pick it up then head to my roof.

I already had a blanket on their from when I last went to my roof. Before I go up I remove my heels, then I go up.

I sit up at the blanket, and look at the stars. I take a sip of my champaign. Before I know it my glass is completely gone.

I look up at the stars. I can still faintly hear the cheers and parties going on.

I twiddle with my thumbs then look back at the sky. Man I hate being single. Just thinking back to the party, everywhere I go i'm surrounded by couples.

I kinda have a complicated job. Due to my job my life makes relationships hard. I'm a model for Victoria Secret. Because of this I can't find true love. No one lives me for who I am. They like my looks and the benefits of dating a super model.

"I just wish I could find love, not some fake love,but someone who loves me for me," as I say that a shooting star glides through the sky.

Maybe my wish will come true.

With that I close my eyes and fall asleep on my roof.


I wake up the next morning with a small headache. I go down the ladder and through my window to get in my bedroom.

I go downstairs to see my friend clutching her head.

"Kate Motrin is in the bathroom."

"Thanks case."

With that she rushes to the bathroom to get some pills.

I just lay on the couch flipping through the channels.

Kate soon returns to the the living room.

"Hey Casey I need to head out soon. O have work in a couple hours."

"Okay, but go home and fix yourself up. Your a mess."

See Kate is a model too. The only difference is she works for Hollister. She also has brown hair, but we both have blue eyes.

I watch as she walks out the door.

After I hear the door shut I take a quick nap before having to prepare for a shoot. There is never a day off for fashion my stylist always says.

After I put on some jeans and a tee I slip on a jacket and head out.

After 5 and a half hours of blinding lights, and constant yelling of poses I am are to leave.

I drive a few lots over, so I can pick up Kate and get lunch.

When I arrive at her set I see her. And a group of girls looking s bit overly excited. I walk up to Kate to ask her what is going on.

She turns around and sees me looking at her with a quizzical face.

"Case Case listen all the models in this area are going to a party. Do you wanna come?"

"Sure who is throwing it?"



Hey lovelies just hope you enjoy this. There will be more coming soon.


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