Chapter 6

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3 months later

Jasmine POV


???: hello Mrs.Jasmine

Jasmine: what's going on, where am I? who are you?

???: I'm Jesus sweet, and time for you to go

Jasmine: what....I don't have a choice

Jesus: yes.....whether you want to stay with me or go back to your family...but first I want to show you something

Jasmine: that my mom

Jesus: yes child that is your mother and she is out of jail and she's been waiting on you

Jasmine: where's my grandma

Jesus: she's next door

Jasmine: what about my boyfriend?

Jesus: he's sitting next to you, you wanna here what he's saying

Jasmine: yes

Chresanto: hey babe....I really miss you...and I need you to come back...your grandma is doing better...your mom keeps having dreams about I really need you.....everyone misses you a lot....and a good thing-

Jesus: alright make your decision...

Jasmine:....I want to....go back

Jesus: okay...bye see you when its actually time

Jasmine: bye -walk through the golden gates-


Chresanto: babe plea-

Jasmine: -grab chresanto hand- baby

Chresanto: Jazz

Jasmine:-clear throat- yes baby

Chresanto: Ms.Terri she's alive..I mean awake

Terri: Really...Chresanto you bet not be lying

Jasmine: mama he not lying

Terri: baby -smile-

Jasmine: yes ma, where's grandma

Terri: -look at Chresanto- umm...

Jasmine: she's in the hospital isn't she

Terri: yea baby

Jasmine: I need to see her

Terri: you can't baby

Jasmine: yes I can and ain't nobody stopping me -get up-

Terri: no jasmine lay-

Chresanto: just let her go but first... here.. your butt is showing

Jasmine: thank you... come with me

Chresanto: oh come on -grab jazz hand-

Chresanto POV

My world is back right...

-in grandma hospital room-

Jasmine: grandma -run over to her grandma bed and grab her hand- grandma

Grandma: jazzy is that you

Jasmine: yes grandma it's me -crying-

Grandma: I'm not dreaming

Jasmine: -laugh- no grandma it's me I'm here

Grandma: good I missed you baby

Jasmine: I missed you too

Grandma: -wipe Jasmine tears- don't cry baby

Jasmine: I can't stop....I don't like seeing you like this

Grandma: I know baby but you gotta be strong for me baby okay

Jasmine: okay

Grandma: pinky promise

Jasmine: pinky promise...I love you grandma

Grandma: I love you too baby, and that boyfriend of yours woo!! he is so sweet...he would check on me and your mother and when we would cry he would just comfort us he is just a good person

Jasmine: -look at Chresanto and smile- come here

Chresanto: yes

Jasmine: thank you for being there for my mom, grandma while I wasn't here -put arms around Roc neck-

Chresanto: your welcome

Jasmine: -kiss Roc-

Chresanto: -kiss back-

Terri: umm...hello

Chresanto: mm sorry Ms.T

Terri: mhmm Jazz the doctor said you can go home

Jasmine: yes cause I need some really clothes

~3 weeks later~

Jasmine POV

I'm finally back in school with my friends and grandma pasted 2 weeks ago but I'm staying strong for her. I woke up showered, washed my face, brushed my teeth, I pinned my hair up and went to my closet for what I'm going to where....I put on my super women sweater shirt, my blue skinny jeans, my red trill beanie, with my Air Jordan 7 Retro's and my sliver hoops. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs

Terri: you look good

Jasmine: thank you ma

Terri: your welcome.... can I ask you something

Jasmine: yeah wassup, what's on your mind

Terri: are you a... virgin

Jasmine: yes ma.. why you ask?

Terri: because your relationship with Chres is going up a level..I can tell

Jasmine: well no we haven't did that...

Terri: well as a mom I'm kinda

Jasmine: I know ma -hear Roc beep the horn- well I gotta go, bye ma love you

Terri: love you too...wait I need to

Jasmine: -walk out-

Terri: tell you something

what does Terri wanna tell jazz?

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