Sophia's P.O.V.

My mother recoils slowly and her eyes widen.

"What do you think you're doing?" She gasps.

"You were going to hit her." Harry growls, nose flaring.

"I would never."

"Why did I have to fucking stop you then?"

"You will not speak to me like that under my roof. I want you out." She yells.

"No!" I hiss, stepping in front of Harry's broad body, "He's staying with me."

"He has no right to talk to me that way, nor do you. I want you and him out."

"Of course you do. First dad, now me huh mom?" I scoff and I feel Harry's hands meet my waist protectively.

"How dare you say that! Your father gave me plenty of reasons for our divorce!"

"Oh really? Was cheating one of those reasons my father gave you?" I mutter, tears fighting to escape.

"I want you out of my sight." My mother chokes, her lips trembling.

"Fine.. Goodbye then." I state and grab Harry's hand.

We head for the front door and walk outside into the cold night air; Our wet clothes cause my arms to flare up in goose bumps and we quickly get into the range rover Harry had rented.

"So where are we going then?" He asks, grabbing my hand and holding it to his chest as small tear droplets stream down my cheeks.

"The hospital."

"What for?" He asks.

"To see my dad."

"But we weren't going to visit till tomorrow..."

"Please." I beg, looking into his eyes and he nods solemnly before starting up the car.

"Look up directions on your mobile for me, will you?" He requests and I do so.

We drive down the road in silence, his hand running circles over my thigh to comfort me. It's working. God my mom gets me so fired up. I hope the hospital will let me in. The cancer patient ward usually doesn't let visitors in this late but I'm hoping they'll make a special exception for me since I have nowhere else to go.

Before I know it we're pulling into the parking lot and walking into the building. Still silent. I don't think Harry knows what to say during times like this. Though the way he spoke to me on the phone a few days ago calmed me down quick.

The hallways are basically empty except for a nurse here and there. They all seem busy and shaken but when their eyes land on Harry and I in our tattered clothes and messy hair, they seem to speed up their pace.

"Excuse me?" A voice mutters behind us and Harry and I turn at the same time to find a short brunette nurse with her arms crossed.

"What are you two doing in this wing? It's nearly midnight and visitors are strictly prohibited..."

"We were just hoping to visit her dad." Harry answers for me and I look down at my feet.

"Well I'm sorry but you'll have to come back tomorrow, visitors are not allowed at this time of night."

"He has brain cancer." Harry continues, stepping towards the woman, his tall and broad stature glooming over her.

"She needs to see him." He adds, his eyes dark and serious.

"Uh.. I... Well I can't let you.. I'm sorry I-"

"Can't you make an exception?"

The nurse looks between me and Harry and then back at me before bringing her nails between her teeth.

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