I looked through the big glass window, the plane he was boarding now. Salty drops of water fell from my eyes. I couldn't help but sliently cry as my best friend, my half, the only person who I could be myself with left me. He left to the other side of the country leaving me her all alone. He went because accorrding to his step-father I was a bad influnce and he needed to be around better higher class people. Carter was boarding a plane to California out of force, just because he felt like he always needed to protect me. He would fight off any guy who tried hurting me and always stood by me. He was the only reason I woke up in the morning, the only reason I lived my life.

"Good-bye Carter, I love you so much and promise to stay strong for you. I promise to not love anyone more than I love you...ever. I will miss you and the moment I can say good bye to this horride town I will come find you and we can be together." I had my hand on the window where the plane was and quietly said these words to myself knowing he couldnt hear me. It was true I would leave the moment I could and I would never love someone the way I loved him. He meant everything to me.

 I turned away from the window and slowly walked to the exit of the airport with tears still falling down my face. I made my way through the crowd and walked outside. I walked with my head down knowing where I was going, I could already feel the feeling of lonelyness, hurt, pain, of being broken. As I walked the streets to my house I could feel the stares I was getting. Everyone around town knew me as Stormy Williams, the freak, the loser, the girl that was nothing like her rich father. Would never be as pretty as her soon to be step mother. Cater saw me as Jade Stormy Williams the girl he met in 4th grade because she was alone, the girl who loved chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream more than anything, the girl who he fell in love with over the last 7 years. I saw myself as Stormy, Cater's best friend, the freak of town, a pretty sweet girl. I was infront of my house before I knew it, the cold empty house I lived in. The house that smells like Julia's gross perfume she felt the need to practicly bath herself in. Taking a deep breath of fresh clean air I opened the door and walked in closing it behind me. I was surround by the smell of Julia...I walked up to my room with a few tears still on my face. Lucky me noone was home yet, I jumped into the shower and felt the feeling of being compeletly alone running through my body. I needed him in my life no one else was in it. Now it was just me, my dad was too into his work, Julia my father's soon to be wife was nothing like me and the only sibling I had was off at war. I was alone compeletly and utterly alone.

 I stepped out the hot shower and wrapped myself in a purpe fluffly towel tightly. I turned on the vent to get the heat and steam out of my bathroom. I walked to my 1st dresser and opened the top drawer, pulling out a pair of gray leggings with different desgins on them and threw them on my bed. I opened the next drawer and grabbed a bra and underwear, I walked to my closet a grabbed my 5 Seconds of Summer sweatshirt off a hanger and picked up a black beanie. I walked back to my bed and wrapped my hair up into the towel the put on my undergarments. I pulled on my leggings and sweatshirt then grabbed my beanie and walked back to my bathroom. Once I got in there I put on my glasses and undid the towel around my hair. I plugged in my hair dyer and blow dried my long thick drak brown hair. Once it was mostly dried I brushed through it a few more times then put my beanie on over my natural waves. I put on a little conclear under my eyes to hide the redness around them from me crying, some clear mascara, a bit of cream blush and some chapstick. I walked of my bathroom and sat on my bed, logging onto my laptop I opened a message I had from Carter. A smile spread across my face as I read it.

Hey Storm, I miss you already and its only been 30 mintues. I'm not sure when you'll read this but I wanted to tell you a few things that I didn't get to finish at the airport. So here it is: I love you always have always will. No girl will ever take your place nor will any girl have what you have over me. I don't wanna loose you even if we're thousands of miles away from eachother. I hope you still wear my beanie almost everyday

I smiled reading that thinking if only he knew I was wearing it right now,

I hope you wear the 5SOS sweatshirt I bought you fot your 15th birthday and always know that I'm always wearing the necklace you gave me on my 13th birthday. I'll always wear the skinny jeans you love on me even when the step-dick says that they make me look like a fag. He was wrong about you, you aren't a bad person, a freak or a low class person. You, Jade are a sweet amazing funny flawless girl that I love with all my heart. I hope we can skype after I land. I love you Jade Stormy.

My heart swelled with every word and knowing him since he called me Jade it means he is serious something he rarely ever was. I felt my eyes water alittle from the happiness , blinking away the tears I typed a reply.

Hi Cart, I miss you sooooo much! Its crazy. I'm wearing your beanie and the 5SOS sweatshirt right now. You better always wear those skinny jeans, step dick doesn't know what he is talking about. Carter Ryan I love you a lot and I cried after you left. I cried until I got home when my tears ran out. I believe that he was wrong because you said so. No guy will ever take your place in my life...and no one will ever be as an amazing of a person as you are. I love you Carter.

I sent the message and closed my laptop then walked downtairs and got a Naked drink out. I wandered back to my room and laid acrossed my bed reopening my laptop. I opened up netflicks and watched old eposides of Teen Wolf. After about 3 hours which is only 3 eposides I heard a loud noise outside. I looked across the street from where it was coming from and saw a moving truck...

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