"I-I....." I stuttered and just then Ryan burst through the door to the kitchen and Thank God he did.

"More!! Gimme More!!" He shouted like a little kid and I chuckled and started making more

Oh well, gives me more time to think about what I was gonna say. Every time I looked up Jacky was staring at me in deep thought. I shrugged it off and continued spreading Nutella on cookies.


"Hey Scar could you go with Jacky to pick up dinner please???" Ronnie asked pouting with puppy dog eyes. I sighed and nodded. This should be good....


I knew that Scar and Jacky liked each other and I knew that Jacky wouldn't break her heart like all the other douche bags so I was okay with it. The other night I went back to watch the movie with Scar and her and Jacky were all cuddled up. It was cute and I was happy for my sister.  

I didn't think they were dating but I could be wrong.... 

Anyways I told Scar to go with Jacky to get dinner and I was hoping they'd admit their love or whatever for each other and then have sex in the back of the car.. Okay EWWWWW my sister and Jacky?? Wiping my memory of that thought ever existing.. What the fuck is wrong with me? 


Me and Jacky walked out and got into his car, Motley Crue started playing and I turned it up a little. He knows how much I love them. Awkwardness filled the air.

"So...." He said and I chuckled silently at the awkward tension.

"What were you gonna say before Ryan came in?" He asked and I sighed.

"I honestly don't know, well I know I just don't know how to put it in words" I said and rubbed the back of my neck nervous.

"Well try" He said with a smile and I chuckled softly and leaned back

"It's not that easy Jacky" I said and he pouted a little 

We arrived and got out of the car, The closest parking space to the Chinese place was about 10 shops down so we had to walk a little

"Please try?" He asked and I sighed, He stopped me and turned to face me, people walking by gave us weird looks

"How 'bout this, I like you, a lot.. No I don't like you I love you Scar. I have for a long time and when we kissed I felt something I've never felt before and it was amazing, You're beautiful and I'm just Jacky and it's killing me and I need to get this off my chest.. I'm in love with you, your amazing brown eyes I can melt into , how you laugh, the way you run your hand through your hair when it gets in your face, your beautiful smile that can light up a room, the way you talk the way you're just you. Everything about you is amazing and I love you Scar and I know you don't love me back and that's okay but I couldn't keep it in." He said and I felt tears brimming me eyes

"And know our friendship is probably ruined and-" He started to say but I cut him off by kissing him, he instantly kissed back and it was amazing, butterflies erupted in my stomach and I felt the same fireworks like before only stronger, way stronger.

I put my arms loosely around his neck and tangled my fingers in his soft hair as he had one hand pulling my closer by the waist and one on the side of my face and we kissed for about a minute and I heard multiple 'aww's from around us and I pulled away and we both smiled.

"Jacky that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. and you're wrong, I love you." I said looking into his beautiful icy blue eyes and he pulled me closer and rested his forehead on mine

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