Chapter 12~

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Can i just say how flipping amazing you guys (and my gal pals out there!) are? I just went through and read all the comments and saw how many votes this story got, and all the comments made me smile and the number of votes... well... that startled me, I didn't think I wrote very good. But I guess you guys like it so here's another chapter:


(Alexander's pov.)

-now at the hospital-

The guys andI rush in the doors to the front desk.

"How may I help you?" The lady asks. She looks about 26-28 years old, her face is COVERED in make-up, and her hair is definitely not naturally the blonde color it is now.

"We are here to see some girls that got in a minor car reck about 45 minutes ago?" Josh says but it turns out more like a question.

"Sir, I need to know their names, car crashes happen all the time here," She says clearly annoyed by our presents.

"Jennifer Lawrence," Josh says.

"Isabelle Fuhrman," I continue. "Leven Rambin,"

"Jacqueline Emerson," Jack says.

"Amandla Stenberg." Dayo finishes the list of girls.

The annoying lady types some stuff in on the computer sitting in front of her. "Isabella-" She begins,

but I cut her off. "Isabelle." I nearly growl at her. The boys somewhat quietly chuckle behind me from being so protective of her. But what can I say? She my little princess, just don't tell her I said that. She'd use her newly learned 'clover skills' as she calls them on my. Meaning she'd decorate my fce with knives.

"Whatever. ISABELLE Fuhrman," She says putting extra emphasis on Isabelle's first name. "and Jacquelina-"

This time Jack cuts her off, "Jacqueline." He says protectively. We all give him weird looks. So Jack likes Jackie, I'll have to talk to Belle about this....

"Ugh, whatever! JACQUELINE Emerson," She says very annoyed by us. "are in room 213, floor 2. The others are in room 214, floor 2."

"Thank you." Josh says being the polite one he is.

We begin to walk away, but Dayo turns towards her, "And maybe you should learn how to read. It might help." He says. Her reaction was PRICELESS! Her eyes got so big, and I think they almost came right out of their sockets. We all walk away laughing our heads off.

We go to floor two. I hate hospitals. the smell, the crying people waiting outside rooms for their loved ones, the food (don't even get me started about the food. EWWW!), and all the confusing turns. Like really, if someone was dying it would take the doctor five extra minutes getting to the room with all these turns! Okay maybe that was an exageration....

209.... 211.... 213..... Wait that's Belle's room!

I stop directly in front of the door, causing all the guys to crash into me.

"Why'd you stop?" Jack asks, who was in the back of all us.

"These are the rooms, Jack." Dayo says, who was in front of Jack.

"Okay so, Jack and Xander you guys go in Izzy and Jackie's room. And Dayo and I will go see the others? That cool?" Josh asks, he was behind me and in front of Dayo.

"Ya," I say.

Josh and Dayo disappear in the room across the hall. I look at Jack, he nods.

I slowly and quietly open the door.

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