Talk about what happened last night. Zayn and I had sex.

I woke up to a phone alarm and I slapped it off quickly. I slowly got up and looked around the room. I saw clothes scattered all over the floor and the bed was a complete mess. The shower was on and I assumed Zayn was in there.

I got up and grabbed my pink bra and panties and put them on. I put my hair into a pony tail and felt hands on my waist.

"I thought you'd be up," Zayn whispered as he kissed the side of my neck. I giggled and saw his fingers squeezing my skin. I spun around and kissed him softly running my fingers through his wet hair.

"Are you up for round 2?" He asked and I lightly slapped his cheek. "You're such a try hard," I answered and he let out a low chuckle as he pulled my panties up. I laughed again and pushed him away playfully as we kissed again. "I'm going back to my room if you need me," I flicked his nose and put on a white robe. I grabbed my scattered clothes and went back to my room.

I throw my clothes in the basket and picked out a pink strapless dress, with a white jacket, and tan sandals. I pulled my hair out of the pony tail and brushed my tangles out. I looked in the mirror and spun around as I smiled at my fashion choice.

A knock came and it echoed through my room. I opened the door and in came a very quick Liam. He had small bruises on his face and small cuts, but over all he looked like he just fell in prickers. "Maia it's tomorrow and I need you to accept-" I put my finger over his lips and just smiled. "I accept your apology," I said giggly, like I was drunk. I couldn't help, but think about what happened between Zayn and I.

Then there was banging on doors that took me out of my dream. "Boys! We have to be there in twenty!" Louis screamed as Liam and I looked at each other. We ran to the door quickly and popped our heads out.

"What do you mean Louis?" I asked him as he tried to get his breath steady.

"I mixed up the dates! Turns out Paul moved the premiere to next week and the magazine shoot to today!" Louis said as the other boys came out in a rush.

Niall was putting on his shirt, Harry was putting on his pants, and Zayn was trying to put on his shoes.

"Paul's going to be pissed at us! We got to go!" Harry said as he grabbed Liam and ran. I ran with them as we dodged the fans and got in the car driving towards the shoot.


Two minutes to spare.

We ran in and the photographer was talking with Paul. When he saw us come in he looked pleased and told them to go to the designers in the next room.

"Ah, I didn't know you were bringing the stunning girl!" He said excited and circled around me. "Do you have any modeling experience?" His thick French accent asked me.

"No I'm just here to watch," I said as I looked at him while he was still circling around me.

"Please madam I'd love for you to be on the cover of my lingerie magazine. How old are you?" He stopped and rubbed his chin.

"I'm eighteen." I replied

"I'll pay you five thousand dollars to do it!" He gave a broad smile and his arms stretched out.

"I don't have a manager and five thousand is...." Paul cut me off.

"I'm her manager," he smiled at me and nodded his head at me. I knew I could rely on him.

"Five. Okay how about ten my final offer," the photographer looked at me. "Ten thousand dollars."

"Alright," I said and shrugged as the photographer clapped his hands and three women appeared from no where.

"Get her ready," he ordered the girls as two of them dragged me away.

"Yes Francis," one of them said and ran behind me.

Ten minutes later, I came out in a black lace bra and under wear. Over the bra was a see through black loose spaghetti strap top. I wore thick black heels that added maybe four inches to my five foot five height.

"There she is my star!" Francis smiled wide as he put his hand on my back and brought me over to a white back drop. "Stay right there! I need to see if the other camera's here!" He walked away quickly.

I looked up and there standing across from me were the boys taking pictures for the Teen Vogue magazine. When they saw me enter their line a vision I swear they were drooling. Numerous times the girl behind the camera had to snap her fingers to get the boys to look at her so she can snap decent pictures.

Francis came back and put the camera on the stand. "Put one of your hands on your hips and shift your foot ninety degrees. Turn your body just a little and turn your head towards me," he said as the flashes came my way. This was fun.

He took the camera off the stand and got low to the ground as I gave him a fierce look. He laughed and screamed," That's it!" He got up and posed against the white back drop for me to copy. I nodded and he went to the left side of me as I stretched my arms above my head, one heel against the wall, and I looked at the camera.

"These are lovely!" He said and laughed as he walked away. I took the heels off and placed them on the white table with other shoes and sat down. I rubbed my sore feet, but I felt eyes on me. Sure enough, Liam and Zayn were looking at me with narrow eyes and biting their lips. I blushed slightly and turned my head towards Louis and Niall, who were across the room. Niall's back was facing me, so I'm assuming he's talking to Louis, as Louis went to his right trying to get a better view. His gaze went from me to Niall every few minutes and he bit his lip. I saw him shake his head a few times, probably answering Niall as I felt someone tap on my shoulder.

"I have given the money to Paul and he'll be giving it to you when you arrive back at your hotel madam," he said and I nodded.

I stood up and went to the dressing room where I got ready. I saw all four boys gazes follow me as I walked out of the room. When I turned the corner Harry was stressing the receptionist out and it looked like she wanted to pull the hair out of her head.

I got into the dressing room and looked for my clothes. They were on the chair, I mean that's where I put them.

"Looking for something," Louis said as he came out with my clothes in one hand. He bit his lip as he looked me up and down. "It'd be a shame if something happened to them," he grinned.

"Louis give them back!" I yelled as he lifted my clothes above his head. "Give them to me!" I scolded him as he let out a soft chuckle.

Once I finally grabbed them I was in a tug of war with him. "Louis I'm not playing around give them to me,'' I pulled them towards me and he did the opposite.

"Never in your wildest dreams," he laughed and in one tug from each of us my clothes ripped.

Louis looked shocked and picked up the severed dress and I gave him a frustrated look. "I was kidding. I didn't think this would happen," he said and I pushed him against the door.

He dropped my clothes and put his hands up as I kissed him deeply. My hands wrapped around his neck and his hands went to my face. I ran my fingers through his jelled up hair and messed it up.

"Hey Maia are you coming back with us?!" Liam asked as he tried to open the door, but Louis locked it once Liam spoke up.

"I'm going to get a cab. Francis wants me for another hour, I'll see you at the hotel," I lied.

"Do you know where Louis is?!" He said as he started pounding against the door.

"I don't know. Probably at the hotel," I said as Louis started to kiss my neck.

"Oh okay. See you there!" He said and left.

I moaned at Louis' actions. He stuck his hands in my panties and I started to kiss him roughly. I'm upset that my clothes are ripped, but not as upset as the whole interview and Jennifer incident. I pushed Louis away and he gave me a confused look.

"What's wrong? Is this your first time?" He asked and I gave him an irritated look. I said nothing and grabbed clothes from the hanger.

"Oh come on Maia, I know you want to," he bit my neck and I slapped his chest hard. He put up his hands in surrender, then he grabbed me and threw me against the wall.

"Louis stop!" I screamed as he put his hand over my mouth. He slipped my panties down to my ankles and started to unbuckle his pants. "If we're not doing this the easy way, then we'll do it the hard way," he said as I heard him take off his belt.

"I'm not having sex with you!" I yelled and he whispered in my ear," Don't worry," he said. "I'll have sex with you," as he put the emphasize on the "I'll".

Then the unexplainable happened. The door busted open and someone took Louis by his collar and threw him across the room. Away from me. I pulled up my panties and stayed against the wall as I looked at the two fighting.

"Back off playboy!" A thick Irish accent said as he stood in front of me.

"Niall! You're not involved. If I were you I'd just walk away," Louis said and lunged toward Niall, but Niall grabbed him and threw him against the wall.

Louis stood up slowly and wiped his bottom lip. He spat up a little blood as he looked at his hand then to Niall. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," he said and stomped over to Niall.

He threw a punch, but Niall dodged it and grabbed Louis' arm twisting it. Louis screamed in pain as Niall brought Louis' stomach to the ground and put his arm between his shoulder blades.

"I want you to look at her and apologize!" Niall ordered and Louis obeyed. "I'm sorry Maia!" He yelled as the rest of the boys came in. Liam wrapped me in his arms and stroke my head making "shh" noises trying to comfort me. I cried in his arms as I looked at Harry and Zayn getting Niall off Louis.

"How'd you learn how to fight like that Nialler?" Zayn asked surprised.

"I watched the Karate Kid movies," he replied and I laughed.

"Hey there's that smile," he said as Liam released me and Niall stroked my cheek once. I hugged him and whispered a thank you to him.

"You need to calm down," Harry said as Louis started kicking. What's Louis' problem? I'm a person not a doll!

Zayn and Harry took Louis out of the room as Niall looked for clothes for me. Harry and I stood there in silence as he lifted up my face.

"If it makes you feel any better, you looked sexy in that lingerie," he smirked as I laughed.

"I know Harry. Maybe a little too sexy." I replied

Author's Note: I may not write Tuesday because I have three tests to study for! It's almost Christmas break which means more writing! YES! Maybe I'll write a little Christmas special in this story IDK! So what did you think of Niall the badass?! I bet you thought it was Zayn or Liam because Niall isn't a person who likes to get in confrontation! Expect the Unexpected and man I loved writing that fight scene! What are your thoughts on Maia being a model? Zayn and her having sex? What about Liam? Next chapter I'm going to have something romantic I promise! Bye!

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