Sharingan vs Gale Style

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I dove to the right. It managed to get my side. I felt the wound. I looked. Blood. I made a water clone to distract him.

I put my hands over the wound. I had learned this skill over the last few weeks.

My hands started glowing green with chakra. Medical Ninjutsu. I had learned it and could use only basic ninjutsu.

The wound soon started to close. I had managed to heal it just before he killed the water clone. He was much better with the sword than I ever was.

"Is that the best you can do?" Eric asked.

"Well what was your earlier jutsu?" I asked.

"Gale style. My mother was from the village hidden in the clouds. This is my kekki genkai. Here. Take another look. Gale Style Laser Circus!"

It flew at me. It moved like water but it was lightning. It is just slow lightning but it was very flexible. Bow that I know how it works I can beat him.

I dove to the right. It just followed me. I defected it off my blade. The rest missed or deflected.

My sword looked fine after that. Good.

My turn to attack. I charged. I rolled under his swing and swung.

My blade managed to cut him. he was blooding badly now. I swung the flat of my blade. He flew back. He could barely move now but he never called the match but. I managed to get over there and pin down his hands with water clones and healed that sword wound I gave him before he died. A lot of people gasped.

They probably couldn't believe I would heal my opponent.

But there was no way I was letting teammate die on me.

I jumped back and melted the water clones. He stood up.

"Healing your opponent like that before the match was over?" Eric asked.

"Well I couldn't let my teammate die now could I? That would make me heartless and a murder." I said.

We charged. I swung and he knocked my sword to the right. Then he swung and I was doomed.

"Gale Style Laser Circus!" Eric yelled.

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