Chapter 18 Anniversary part 2

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I slipped on my gold Rolex and looked at my reflection. I did my snoop dogg pose and laughed at myslef. I was getting nervous right naa!

Kenan: You ain't cute nigga!With yo conceited ass haha My mirror don't like you, wait is that a crack?

He walked over and said 'yo ugly ass broke my mirror'

Me: Coming from the guy who was secretly watching me. You know my girl prolly kick yo ass lmao

Kenan: Stop that gay shit! Im taken anyways.

I laughed and then I watched him sit in his computer chair.

Kenan: So I overheard ma girl talking to yours earlier.

Me: What does that have to do wit me?

Kenan: Lets just say yo ass is 10 months celibate and Rae is very innocent.

Me: Haha what u tryna say? Rae is a virgin haha

I stopped then my face turned °_°, then I put on my Stevie j face,turned to kenan and his ass did tha same thing.

Me: Yo u a weirdo ha

Kenan: Better get at that cuz I heard maya say 'ooh y'all gone make love hahaha

I chuckled and shook my head.

Me: Do you think this is too much.

I referred to my clothes and a picture of my gift for Rae.

Kenan: Naw,nothing to her is ever too much.She loves you aug.....Anyways I needa tell u something but ill wait till after ur date aight. Um imma get goin u better lock up my apartment befo u leave. Peace,love,and hair grease ha

He left and I am ready to see my baby.I hear a honk which is my limo driver. I got everything and left to pick her up.


I kept changing my necklaces I guess im getting nervous because 1.I haven't been on a date with August for awhile. 2.Imma give him something important from me.

I got a text from him to meet outside. I tousled my curls and grabbed my clutch and headed outside.

Once I locked the door, I turned around and saw a long ass limo and Aug was posted against it holding some red roses.

I immediately got excited and ran towards him.I hugged him tight.

Aug: Damn babe I didn't know you will be this happy.

Me: Im just happy to see you that's all, the roses are pretty tho.

He smiled and lead me inside and we arrived at a restaurant called the Montebello.I smiled huge cuz I always wanted to eat here.

We sat down outside on a dock that had a view of the ATL city.

We ordered and ate but August kept fidgeting.

Me; What's wrong baby? You acting weird.

I thought he was gonna break up wit me, cuz I saw some fear in his eyes.

Aug: I just wanna let you kno,that I have all these emotions rite now,you definitely got me feeling some type of way. From learning sign language to hearing you speak always made me fall in love with you hard. What im trying to say is I love you. I may have gotten a record deal and all but that doesn't mean I forgot about you. I saw how you were beside me everyday and encouraged me. I sometimes wonder 'why is she with a thug like me 'but you were always who I came home to each night.

I watched him speak,he was gonna say something else bit instead he gave me a wrapped small box.

I opened it and I knew it was something small inside.I looked up thinking he was sitting across but I saw him leaning on one knee beside me.

Aug: I will always love you,so Raelynn Harris will you marry me?

I nodded and said yes, by then I was tearing up because stuff like this happens to me rarely.

I turned around and the public was clapping and congratulating us.

I leaned into him and whispered 'lets get outta here I have something for you at home'

I looked at him seductively and we wasted no time.

Aug: Uhhhh limo driver,can you like speed it up!

Driver: Sir I can't do 85 in a 40 lane.

Aug: Fast 2 Furious up in this bitch right naa!!!

I laughed at his eagerness because his NO accent started coming out.

Once we were infront of our house,Aug went to pay the driver and talk.I hurried inside to put on my lingerie Hint: I locked the door to stall some time.

I sprayed some perfume and made my way to Augs banging at the door.

Aug:Stop playing girl its cold outchea!

I laughed and opened the door. He scanned my body and he licked his lips. Out of nowhere he slammed his body against mine.

He took me upstairs and laid me down. Literally ripping my lingerie off.

Me:Tf that was $200!!

Aug:Babe I can buy you a whole closet full of those. And since you wearing my ring,you gone give me unlimited love aight?

he began taking off his clothes while I stared at him.

Aug: You know staring isn't nice

Me: And since im wearing ur ring,I can stare at you all I want.

I said mocking him,he thinks he slick.

He hoovered over me and stared at me.

Me: Im a virgin,I was waiting till marriage but I know who I am in love wit.

August kissed me and shit got too real.

*rated r*

He kissed his way down my stomach and to the lining of my clit. As his cold breath reached my skin,I began to arch my back. He started licking my pearl and my legs were shaking. I started to feel a weird sensation in my stomach and my moaning could stop. Soon I came, he then got on top.


I positioned myself above her and said 'don't worry imma go slow'

She nodded and I slipped on a condom and prepared myself of her tightness. I slid in and stroked slowly,as her nails dug into my back that was my cue to go faster. I stroked endlessly and she moaned even louder. Soon she came,but I wasn't done yet.

I ordered her to get on all fours,she followed my command and I slid back into her. I gripped her hair so she could face me.I saw a mixture of love and lust,I guess this is what making love feels like.I then started kissing up her neck and she throwed it back.This drove me insane and I ended up pounding into her. As she began panting with moans,I came and pulled out.I laid next to her thinking it was done.

She got on top of me and began riding slowly.She knew what she was doin and I started moaning her name.First time,normally its vice versa. I felt myself release and she did too. She laid next to me breathless.I looked down and noticed she was asleep.

'happy 10 month anniversary' I whispered.

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