Chapter 7: Maka POV

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Maka POV

He likes me? That's why seemed upset yesterday before school. I looked at the picture again and my eyes drifted to Soul. I wanted to believe him so bad but, that was such a weird story I couldn't. I put my head in my hands "I wish none of this had ever happened. I wish it was as perfect as the picture seemed." I thought.

I sat there for awhile staring at the "perfect" picture and then I heard someone say "Maka?". I looked up and it was Kid.

"Hi" I said softly. He climbed up in the tree and sat next to me. "We were looking for you expecily Soul." He said " he told us the story."

"Do you believe him?"I asked

"Why else would he tell you that story. There are way better stories you could make up." Said Kid

"Your probably right" I say. "We should go back."

"Yeah let's go." Replied Kid and we walked back.

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