Chapter Fifteen

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Hey guys :) this is the last chapter of the book, so I hope you all enjoyed reading it! Thanks for the reads and support. 

Enjoy :) :)

I’m sitting in the waiting room of a hospital hours away from our town. The Coast Guard found us and flew Jace to a hospital somewhere on the Island. He passed out minutes later and if it hadn’t been for the Coast Guard, he would’ve died. He almost flat-lined once on the way to the hospital, but they managed to keep him alive.

My eyes are heavy with tears I finally felt able to let out. I can finally feel exhaustion and pain settle over me in waves, seeming to take my strength away. I’ve been here for hours and not a thing yet.

I don’t know how long it is before the doctor finally comes out and tells me how Jace is. He just got out of surgery. He’s lost a severe amount of blood from his stab wound and his leg. The one on his leg was sewed up with thirty stitches. The one on his back had tiny pieces of rock still in it, which needed to be removed first. His shoulder is completely dislocated, the nerves completely shattered, and will take lots of time to heal. The doctor lets me go in and see him.

He’s sleeping. I am content sitting in the chair and watching him. I’ve already called Sukie and told her where I was and what happened. I told her to tell everyone. She said her brother had a broken leg, but that he was going to be alright. She said Tucker had woken up and asked about me. I told her to let him know I was okay.

When Jace wakes up, it’s several hours later. I fell asleep on the chair. When I hear him groan, I shoot up out of my chair and lean as close to him as I can get. “Jace! I’m glad you’re awake!” I tell him, crying again.

“Don’t cry,” he murmurs.

“Sorry, I’m just…glad you’re alright. I almost lost you twice out there…..” My voice trails off.

“By the way, I was so…devastated,” he blurts suddenly, in a weird tone.

“I know, I was too…” I start, when I see the look on his face.

“I could’ve died without ever knowing your real name,” he says.

I can only stare at him in disbelief.

“So….give it up, Kay-Kay,” he teases, grinning from ear to ear.

“Nope,” I say.

“Give it up! Or I swear I’ll tell Sukie you broke her favorite board!” he says.

I gasp. “You wouldn’t?!”

“I would,” he retorts, getting an evil look in his eyes.

I laugh and finally give in. “Okay, promise you won’t laugh?” I ask him.

“I swear,” he says, grinning.

“It’s Banzai,” I mutter.

“What?” he asks.

“Banzai,” I say, louder.

“Seriously, Kaylie! I won’t tell anyone!!” he yells.

“Seriously, Jace, that’s it! That’s my name. Banzai Kaylie,” I tell him, honestly.

“Banzai?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Yep,” I answer, keeping my mouth in a firm, straight line. After a couple seconds, he bursts out in laughter. “Jace!” I say, hurt. “You promised!”

“Okay, okay I’m sorry. It’s not so bad, really,” he says.

“Except for the part I have no clue what it means,” I tell him.

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