My love from Thessalonki

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Thessalonki, Thessalonki! Tug at these strings in my heart

Dictate me with olive skin, dark hair, loving voice like a puppet

Silver, timber drove Phillip to pride wealth, as Athenians squabbled

Phalanx at arms, your love is the call to war

Without bloodshed, there is unity amongst civilization

A man dies while crying Nike aloud,

A famous daughter of Cassander grants a mighty town,

Where lovely Aegean sways against her body,

Sweet, sweet lover that rules a soul

Those eyes burn within like Justinian's might

Co-rule that Empire alongside Constantine's

Erupt with pride from painted history of Byzantines

That smile never wears thin, even if the present corrupts

Purity flows through her, as if Polybius saw an ideal woman

Carry that woman to an empty pair of arms

Allow conquest to partake through sensual realization

Fore she is ancient civilization within time of modernization

Woe, woe lonely sun amongst that barren landscape of olives

There my love from Thessalonki waits

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