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3 years of my life had passed since I have been back to the place I once called home. My mother picked me up from the airport, She was kind and welcoming but something about her repulsed me. The reason most likely being that her and my father had sent me away for 3 years and never allowed me to come home for the holidays. I was sent away for reasons that are burned into the back of my mind and no matter how hard I try, never leave me. But I’m not that person anymore.. I’m better.

The streets I grew up on seemed vaguely familiar but nothing about them stood out. Around each corner the houses looked the same, a disadvantage of living in a gated community. Each house had to follow a specific design code and it made for a rather barren surrounding. As we neared home I began to recognize some things. The sugar maples that lined the sidewalk and the small stone mail boxes. These were the things that helped me remember where I belonged.

“Your brother and father have been going insane all week preparing for your arrival darling. They’ve spared no expense on your new room and wardrobe for school.” My mother turned to me and smiled. I rolled my eyes and looked back out the window. As we turn into our driveway my father immediately rushed out of the house to greet us.

“There she is! My little princess! “ My dad exclaims and rushes to open my door.

“Hi dad” I try to smile but my disdain for him overpowers me and i'm left with a blank emotion.

“ How are you sweetie? How was your flight? was coach alright? We would've upgraded you to first class if you would've let us pay for the ticket.” He pulls into his arms and squeezes tightly, leaving me gasping for air.

“ Now Michael, let the poor girl breath.. she’s been home for a minute and you’re already bombarding her with questions” I hear my mother’s voice behind me. I break my fathers embrace and toss my backpack over my shoulder. Shuffling into the house I’m overwhelmed by the sight of streamers and banners galore. I push past it all and walk into our living room, tossing my things onto the couch.

“Is that my little sister I hear? “ A familiar voice in the distance brings a smile onto my face. This is the first time since I've been home that I've actually smiled. “ No, it’s probably a robber.” I say rushing up to my brother and hugging him tightly. His smell overwhelms me and tears begin to form in my eyes. My brother is and will always be my best friend. He was the only one who stayed in contact with me while I was away.. he called me everyday to check up on me and never forgot to say goodnight. He was the only thing that kept me sane.   “Hey, don’t go crying on my new shirt you dork. “ He playfully shoves me back and I can’t help but laugh. “ Oh shut-up, look at your eyes!” I point at the tears forming “ You’re crying too! “ Another smile overcomes me. “I’m not crying.. you just smell really bad and it’s making my eyes water” he half smiles and wraps his arm around me, leading me into the kitchen.

“Who you calling little sister by the way? you’re only 2 minutes older and it’s mostly because you were 2 pounds heavier you meatloaf “ I laugh. Me and Owen are fraternal twins. Him, obviously being the older one and me the baby of the family. looking around my kitchen my eyes gravitate and I see a curly haired boy sitting at our island. I raise an eyebrow and Owen obviously noticed because says  “Oh sorry.. this is Harry, my best friend from school. And Harry this is It- “ He stops mid-sentence and looks down at me.  “I’m Avery, Pleasure to meet you” I hold out my hand and smile at him. He returns the smile and nods leaving my hand untouched. “ Sorry Avery, I've got this weird thing with shaking hands “ He admits, turning a shade of red. I roll my eyes and make my way to the refrigerator, And open it. I grab a bottle of water and take a sip refreshing myself.

“So, this is quite a welcome home party” I say sarcastically causing both boys to burst into laughter. “I’m sorry kiddo, We tried the best we could with such short notice” Owen admits. Short notice? is he kidding? They've had 3 years to prepare for this moment and that's short notice? I feel my face get hot with anger and suddenly Owen bursts out into laughter. “ What?” I half yell at him. “ Nothing, It’s just.. you thought I was serious. You really think they wouldn't throw you a gigantic party to welcome you? They had it all planned out, invitations and everything.. I stopped them though. I mean would you really want all of your old friends from 8th grade and every single family member to be here as you arrived? “ His eyebrows turn up in a cocky manner and I punch his shoulder. “ No, but this is just pathetic. You guys couldn't even order a damn pizza for Christs sake?” I am so hungry, I haven’t eaten since I left this morning and if I don’t eat something soon I’m scared my stomach will start playing some type of whale mating song. “We can order anything you want Ave, I mean it’s your day today” Owen gives me a warm smile. "No, it's fine.. I'm more tired then hungry" I admit reluctantly, I mean I'm hungry and all but sleep sounds a lot more enticing then a piece of pizza at the moment.

I see my father from across the hall struggling to carry my bags in and my mother snarling at him as he drags them across the wood. At least nothing has changed at home. “I’m going to head upstairs and go to bed, It’s been a long day“ I say loudly as I march up the grand staircase. As I open my door I’m engulfed by the smell of vanilla and lavender air freshener. I guess they couldn't stay out of here while I was gone. My room is completely different, A new color on the walls and new furniture, I like it.  The walls are a light mint green with an accent wall of black. And the furniture is a dark mahogany to match the flooring. I am too tired to explore the room any farther so I just toss my jeans onto the floor and climb into my new plush bedding. Today was an alright day, but  let’s hope tomorrows better.

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