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It might be weird that I live in a huge apartment with Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie,and Gerard Way. Well, I do. And it has been amazing. They all had graduated high school one or two years before, but I still had one year left. One day I had come home from school with some... bruises.

"How was school?"asked Gerard as I walked in the door. He was in the kitchen surfing Instagram on his phone.

"Good," I said as I tried to make my side bangs fall in front of the pool of blue forming around my eye.

"Wait a sec," Gerard said and walked over to me, moving my bangs to see my injury.

"What the hell?" he mumbled as we sat on the couch. He started cursing under his breath.

"Who the hell did this!?" Gerard declared.

"I .. uh" I hesitated.

"I was walking home and, uh, tripped on a bottle in the street," I lied. As I told Gerard the lie I started to cry when he didn't buy it. He pulled me into a stiff hug, and I began sobbing into his shoulder. He quietly shushed into my ear, and I calmed down. Gerard always knew exactly what to do. He had been in this position before. He gets it.

I pulled away from his soothing grip back into cold, hard reality.

"I'd better start my homework," I said.

"Okay," he replied and lightly kissed my forehead before I got up. It wasn't awkward, he was just letting me know he was there for me. And I liked that.

I was in the office reading my book, when Gerard entered the room.

"How is it?"

"What?" I questioned.

"Your eye," he said grinning.

"Oh, yeah, it's okay," I assured him. I quickly glanced at the clock sitting on the desk next to me.

"It's pretty late, maybe I should get some sleep," I said, getting up out of the chair I was in. We both walked into the hallway. When I started walking towards the living room, where I usually slept on the couch, when Gerard grabbed my wrist lightly.

"No, your sleeping in a bed tonight." He led me down the opposite hall and into his room. We both got into his queen sized bed, and he turned off the light. I tried to take up as little space as possible, but there was no need. Gerard had curled up into a little ball, and drifted off. Or so I thought.

"Molly?" he asked a few minutes later.

"Yes," I answered.

"I-" Gerard began, but quickly got quiet.

"What?" I beckoned. He rolled over so that we were facing each other. Our lips were only inches apart. Then, we kissed. Correction, he kissed me.

Chapter 2: Rise and Shine

The following morning I woke up in Gerard's arms. They held me close and tight. I liked it. I felt safe, like nothing could hurt me. Seconds after I had closed my eyes to enjoy this moment, my alarm went off on my phone, playing "Teenagers". I rolled over to dismiss the sound, trying not to wake Gerard, but failing. After I pressed the big 'Ok' button Gerard took my hand.

"Please stay," he begged. I hesitated, then announced that I would only stay for five more minutes. Well I stayed a lot longer than that. I must have fell asleep again because when I awoke, it was 7:45! School started in fifteen minutes! I sprung out of bed, waking Gerard with a startle.

"What the f-" he started.

"School!" I cut him off. I grabbed a fresh shirt and ran to the bathroom waking up the rest of the boys. They all stuck their heads out of their bedrooms just in time to see the bathroom door slam closed.

A few minutes later I emerged from the bathroom looking decent. Except for the fact that I was wearing the same jeans as yesterday.

"Will someone drive me?" I asked as I slipped through the kitchen. Brendon was standing by the toaster, Patrick was by the sink, and Gerard was in front of the dishwasher. I knew Pete was still asleep. The man could sleep through a freaking earthquake.

Gerard volunteered before anyone else could. I knew he would. He led me out the door without saying a word.

We got in his black car and began driving. He turned on the radio and started humming.

When we reached my school he pecked me on the cheek and unlocked the door. When I didn't respond he looked a little worried, so I hugged him. Partly because I wanted him to know it was okay, and partly because I needed it. I could tell this was not going to be a good day.

Chapter 3: School

I walked in the doors and immediately wished one of the boys were with me. They would protect me, but no one here would. As I walked though the hallways I thought of Gerard and what had happened last night. Then, I was approached by my friend Grace. We weren't really friends, but she was the closest thing I had to one.

"You okay?" she asked. I noticed tears in my eyes and a few on my cheeks.

"Yeah, it's just allergies," I told her. The truth is, I was thinking about how nice it wold be when I got out of this black hole.

Just then, some kids swooped out of nowhere. A buff guy scooped me up and threw me over his back. I coughed when his shoulder cut into my stomach. They all rushed me into the nearest janitors closet. When I opened my eyes I saw three boys. They sat me down on the concrete ground and kicked me around like a soccer ball. That was the point where I blacked out.

About an hour later I woke up in the nurse's office to see Gerard, Pete, and Brendon squished on the tiny bench in the corner. Pete was the first to realize I had waken up. He got up and walked over to the uncomfortable cot I was laying on.

"Hey," he whispered softly.

"Ready to go home?" I nodded, and he helped me up. I could barely lift my feet as he put his arm around my waist for support.

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