chapter sixteen- the shut down

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I grabbed my phone and it's charger. I noticed I had a new text from Ali. I read it to myself and my heart shattered. the text read: "Max likes me." plain and simple. I shouldn't be upset. in theory, he was never really mine. he never really wanted me, he just wanted to think he did. suddenly breathing becomes very difficult. I wait anxiously for Ali's reply.

in some way I saw this coming. max liked any girl he could get his hands on and some that he couldn't. he liked the chase and he got one with Ali, considering he liked her for years and she always denied him.

I was over it. I grabbed my bags harshly and practically ran out the doors. you couldn't have asked me to leave faster. max acknowledged my leaving and just let it occur, like last time. this is what gets under my skin the most and he knew it. this is where I have been stuck many times before.

I grabbed the keys to the red mustang. I turned the key and the engine revved up. I liked the sound it made. I started off for the main road.

I made it maybe half the way down the driveway before I broke down. why couldn't he want me instead? why didn't he? I knew the answers already. I was too scared too ask for the fear of the truth. he doesn't want me, he never did.

all max has done is create drama and bring more stress into my life. on some level it good that he's out of my life, but on another... I can't help think what it would be like if we had really tried to love each other.

this sorrow is making me weak and that is exactly what he wants. no way he gets what he wants now. as much as I wanted to believe that I was in control, I knew he was, but that's okay because things are changing around here.

I'm not done. he may be a hurricane, but I am the wind that he consists of and I can control this storm when I want. hurricane max is about to run out of room for destruction and when that happens, I'll be here to shut him down.

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