Chapter 7

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"No. What the fuck is up with your outfit?" I ask. "I feel sick as fuck LeLani." He says laying in bed. "Aw, my poor baby." I sit next to him. He gets up and runs to the bathroom. I hear him throwing up. I know why he sick, my morning sickness is his too. "I don't know what the hell wrong." I smile and giggle. "What's so funny?" He lays on the bed. "You know you only sick like that because I'm pregnant right?" I ask. "Wish you woulda told me that shit." Quincy lays on his tummy. "It hurts!" He moans. "Aw. You better take a nap." I say. "You not gone stay with me baby?" He ask. "I'm going shopping with Kae and Mama." Quincy sighs and just tries to sleep. "Gimme kiss." I say. "No." He groans. "Fuck you too." I hit his ass, I know it made him mad because he looked at me angrily. I smirk and blow him a kiss. "Get yo weird ass outta here." Quincy says. I giggle and leave.

When I got to the mall, Q's mama and Kae were in the food court. "Hi preggers." Kae says. "Hey Kae. Hi mama." She waves. I wasn't feeling real well. My head hurts. "You okay Lani?" Mama ask. "Yeah. Yeah." I say looking at the clothes

When I got home, Quincy was wide awake and laying on the couch. It looks like he was still throwing up. "You still throwing up baby?" I ask. "Everything I try to eat, it comes up." Quincy says looking at me. I started feeling bad for my baby. "I know what will help." I put down my bags and head into the kitchen. I make him the soup my daddy used to make when Terrell, Nicki, and I got sick. I grabbed him a sprite and walk in the living room. "Here, taste." He takes a spoonful. "Good." He smiles. "Eat all of it Quincy!" I say. "Aight baby." I took my clothes and shoes upstairs. When I came back down, Quincy was finished, and he had drunk up the pop. "Feeling any better?" I ask. "Just a little." I nod.

Later that night, I was in the kitchen. It was really late, like 2 or 3. Quincy was asleep. I couldn't sleep. I was drinking tea and looking out the french doors in the backyard. I heard someone behind me. I turn. It wasn't Quincy, I just got hit, and everything blacked out.


I woke up, looking for Lani. I searched the house. I call her phone, it starts ringing downstairs. She left her phone. That's not like her. I go in the kitchen, it was a broken mug on the floor. Something happened, because this ain't like Lani. I call my mama and see if she was at her house. Her car wasn't gone though. Where the hell she at!?

I head to the warehouse, I call a meeting. "My girl missing. I can't find her no where! Y'all be on the look out." I say. One of the works Slick started talking. "I think she was kidnapped." I didn't wanna accept that shit though. "But by who? I don't have no beef with anybody!" I say. "Yeah you do. That one dude Jaden." I swear. "I forgot! He probably got her!" I say. My phone starts ringing. Unknown. I answer. "Quincy!" I hear Lani scream. I put it on speaker. "Quincy help me!" Lani screams. "You hear that Quincy? Come help your girl." It was a female voice. Who the hell? "Who the hell is this?" The boys were listening hard. "Kim. Remember what you did to me Quincy? You and your little gang raped me!" I remember my badass past. "Kim, what the hell?" I ask. "I'm killing your little pride and joy." Kim says. "Kim, don't." I say. "I just want my apology. And 20k to go with it." I sigh. "Alright Kim. Just tell me where you at?" She hangs up. "Fuck!" I yell. "I tracked the call Q." I smile. "My nigga Prince." He is a bit of a nerd, but who gives a fuck. He cool.


"Your little boyfriend things he's gonna play hero! I don't think so!" I roll my eyes. I'm hungry as fuck. The baby was giving me the urge to throw the hell up. "Why you look like that?" She ask. "Bitch I need to throw up!" I say looking at her. "Don't do that shit by me." She says. "Why you kidnap me anyways?" I ask. "Because, Quincy raped me. I want revenge!" She says. "Revenge Quincy. What the hell? I'm not him!" I snap. "Girl I will blast yo shit!" Kim yells. "Fuck off." I feel liquids run up my throat. I let it out all over the floor. "Ew, god." Kim says. "What is wrong with you? You pregnant or some?" I look at the floor. "You are?" I shake my head. "Your lying!" She yells. "How you gone tell me?" I ask. "You been throwing up all day!" I roll my eyes. "That dont mean shit."

After a few hours, I heard The door being knocked down. I look at Kim. She gets up. Quincy bust in. She points the gun at me. I get scared. "I got your money Kim. I'm sorry. Just leave her alone." She starts shedding tears. She pulled the trigger. She shot me in my stomach. I groan. "Ahh. Ow." Tears started running down my cheeks. "Baby! Oh bitch you fucked up." Quincy shot Kim dead in her forehead. Slick and Dice untied me. "Man, get her to the hospital! I gotta do something with Kim." Quincy says. "Alright man."

Dice got in the back seat with me, and was tryna keep me up. "Come on Lani. If you die Quincy gone kill my ass!" Dice says. I look at him. Everything went black.

When I woke up, Quincy was sitting in the chair. Tears. Oh god. "Quincy." I moan. He looks at me. "You okay Lani?" He ask. I nod. "Why you crying baby?" I question. "Lani, the baby. Didn't make it." I shake my head. "Your lying Quincy! Stop playing." I say feeling tears. "Went straight to the baby." Tears rushed down my cheeks. Quincy holds me. I feel terrible. This is my second time getting fucking shot! Now I loose my baby?

When I was released from the hospital, I spent all day in bed. Crying or sleeping. Quincy comes to check on me. "You okay baby?" Quincy ask. I shrug and look at him. "LeLani, you gotta get out of bed baby." I shake my head. "Come on bae. Just put on sweats." I get up and go take a shower. I curled my hair and put on jeans and a t-shirt. I matched my shoes with my shirt I put on my TRILL beanie and walks out the bathroom. "Damn thick ass." Quincy looks up from his phone. "Ready?" I ask putting on my chain. "Yeah lil gangsta." He says putting on his chain and kissing me. We headed to his moms.

"Hey Lani baby. How you pulling through?" She ask me. "I guess I'm okay." I say looking at her. "Aw. Im sorry baby." She apologizes. "Im cool." I say looking down at my iPad. Quincy looks at me. "You hungry baby?" He ask. I nod. "You guys can get some of the breakfast from the kitchen." Mama says. "I'll get you something okay babe? " Quincy says. I just nod. I feel terrible. "Lelani, you need to go lay down." Mama says. I shake my head. I ate the biscuit and eggs. I stare at the bacon. "Turkey. I know you don't eat pork." Q says. i smile and kiss his cheek.

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