chapter 13

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Alyssa's P.O.V

"well we have presents for you guys" allison said walking to the couch with the presents "I don't want any presents though" I said in a whining tone "you say that every year Alyssa now deal with it Kay" she said with sass I nodded and sat down be side her

Niall sat down and put his arm around me "ok here" allison said giving us each a bag I opened mine and it was a light blue sweat shirt with with swear pant and Niall got a black sweat shirt with gray sweat pants "thanks allison" I said giving her a hug Niall doing the same

"well the boys got you guys some thing to" she said pulling out two rectangular boxes handing them to us we both opened it and my eyes went wide it was a lap top that turned to a tablet "OMG thanks guys" I said hugging them Niall got the same thing so we both set them up and put a password on them then put them up

"so what do you want to do now" Louis asked us "umm i dont know how about go cart racing" I said smiling all the guys agreed and we left

when we got to the track we had to partner up "well I pick Alyssa" Niall said walking beside me and holding my hand "I call Allison" Harry said quickly "you can't just call me you have to earn me" Allison said laughing and putting her hands on her hips Harry rolled his eyes and picked her up and put her in a cart with him

me and Niall picked a cart and got in "you know we are totally going cream their asses" Niall said buckling "I know" I said giggling then the horn sounded and we were off after 6 laps me and Niall lost and got back in the car

and I just started to laugh "what's so funny" Niall asked "we were just so confident and we were in last place" I said making him realize and laugh along

"thanks Niall and every one this is literthe best birthday I've had in like 15 years" I said truthfully nialls face dropped and he just looked out the window the whole car ride once we got to the house every one got out

but before Niall got out I grabbed his arm making him stay he knew we were going to end up talking so he just closed the door

but he still didn't look at me "Niall what's wrong" I asked worried but he didn't answer "Niall what's wrong" I asked again but he still didn't answer he just sat there "dammit I always screw things up I always have but I want to fix that Niall and that's not helping" I said looking in my purse for my razor I finally found it and pulled it out

I didn't want to cut in frount of Niall but I really had to do it right before the blade hit my wrist Niall sbached it out of my hand and threw it out the window "I can't let you do that" he said finally looking up he was starting to let tears fall

"whats wrong Niall" I asked this time my voice cracking

"I just fell like every time you bring

up the past the more I think its my fault you did that and every time I think it was my fault the more I believe that I can't help no matter what I do I feel like I'm falling in a hole that keeps getting deeper and I really really love you Alyssa you were the only one on my mind when I left and some times I wish I could go back and stop meself from becoming famous that's what wrong now can I have your purse" he said taking it before I could answer he looked through it for a minute or two and took out all of my razors and threw them out of the window

"Niall those were me last ones" "that's the point I'm sorry for being a dick but I gotta do what ever it takes to keep you away from that and keep you happy"he said giving me my bag back "I smiled and hugged him tightly

"thank you for being here I wont bring up the past any and I didn't mean to make you upset and I promise that you will always make me happy I love you so much Niall" I said pulling away from the hug

we stared at each other for a moment until he leaned in and kissed me I instantly wrapped my arms round his neck and kiss him back he gently laid me down on the car seat without breaking the kiss I gently pulled on his hair causing him to let out a little moan against my lips

"no sex in the back seat we sit back there" Liam yelled into the window causing Niall to jump and fall out of the seat "are you ok babe" I said laughing along with Liam "yes I'm fine now lets get inside I'm hungry you?" he asked getting out and holding the door for me "yup what are you going cook me" I asked while in the elevator "a whole bunch of nothing" he said hugging me from behind "..I'm going to order Chinese food" he added on"yay I love Chinese food" I said smiling "yuck I hate it" Liam diadem with a fake gag

the elevator door opened and me and Niall went to our room

Allison's P.O.V

me and Harry sat in our room watching TV cuddled on the couch "so how was your day love" he asked turning off the TV "good yours" I said looking up at him "perfect" he said staring at me butting his lip I grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him softly

"what was that for I mean not that I'm complaining" he said winking at me "you gave me that look with your perfect green eyes" I said smiling "umm really this one" he said butting his lip again while staring at me "I nodded closing my eyes he has no idea how much that turns me on

soon I felt his breathing on my ear "is that turning you on baby" he said in his sexy raspy voice I nodded gripping his hair tightly "well pulling my hair like that is turning me on big time"he said smashing his lips in to mine

he stood up taking me with him without breaking the kiss he picked me up and soon I was on a bed with Harry on top we managed to get our clothes off in seconds and he had full control over me

after a hour Harry calapsted beside me both of us breathing heavily " you have me whipped"  we said at the same time

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