(5) First Day

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After Eva  shunned me for having the worst taste of clothes in the world, she helped me change into a pretty dress and heels. Though I didn't care for wearing dresses nor heels Eva said, and I quote, "Its the first day of school so if you look like shit, people will think you are shit".

I was now down the stairs with James and Ian, waiting for Landon and Eva. Because of course Eva couldn't leave without her lucky charm bracelet, and I wouldn't be surprised if Landon was ready but just admiring himself in the mirror.  I wear he is bipolar....one second he is all nice , the next he is screaming at you for being there.

While daydreaming I felt something really quite warm on my arm giving me goose bumps. I looked at it realizing it was a hand and followed it up to James who was now pulling it away. "I'm going to be guiding you around the campus today. Eva said she would guide Ian and Landon" he said awkwardly. "Oh, um.. alright.. Is the campus far from here?" "Nope, Just down the road" "Okay" I said with a smile. He went back to playing with the zipper on his leather jacket.  I turned to Ian who was now on his phone sending (god awful) snapchats to his friends back at our old school.

Landon and Eva soon came down the stairs and we walked out the doors. I got into a nice car with Eva, and the boys got into the other car. She started up the engine and backed out of the driveway.

After a few moments of silence while we were going down the nearly bare street I decided to speak. "You are being quiet"  she nodded he head as a response. "Was it something I said?" "No. I'm just thinking..." "Oh. What about?" "James." "Hm...what about James?" She thought about the question for awhile and then answered in response, "he has had the most shittiest life ever and-" she started to ramble but instantly cut herself off. "...It's not my place to tell you his background story" I nodded my head and looked back out the window.

"What's wrong with Landon?" she asked me quietly. I didn't know the full answer but making an inference of why he was upset last night I could tell it was probably because of his girlfriend, "He currently has a long-distance relationship with a girl back in our old school...why do you ask" she shrugs her shoulders, "he seemed upset this morning." "Oh" I would have said more but we were now in the front of the school.

There were many cars in the parking lot probably from people who didn't choose to sleep over at the residence hall. After asking Eva earlier she told me more people actually do stay there, there was just a party last night at one of the non-residence houses and they were told to stay and greet us.

I got out of the car and met up with the boys' who got out of James' car. He was swinging the keys around his index finger leaning against the car when me and Eva finally were in front of them.

"Alright James here is Cates schedule you both have pretty much every class together so introduce her to your friends and make her feel welcome." She said while giving him papers. He rolled his eyes in response, "Yea, alright mum" . Ignoring James' rude comment she left with Ian and Landon to the front of the school. I turned to face James who was uncomfortable close for my liking.

He closed his eyes and started moving his lips closer and closer to mine. Quickly, I backed away, almost stumbling upon my own feet. He burst into a roaring laughter that could be heard across the parking lot. "What's so funny?" He pointed to my face "Looks like someone blushes quite a bit" he said in-between laughs. I sighed of frustration and started walking towards the school. This is gong to be a hell of a long day for me.

----Science Class (Last Block of the day)----

As me and James walked into the classroom we were soon greeted by a small blonde girl who gave me a death glare but looked happy to see James. He rolled his eyes but she didn't seem to mind. She held onto his jacket and followed him to the lab station in the back. He looked to me and patted the seat next to him that I sat in.I awkwardly pretended to be preoccupied by the lab equipment while the blonde girl was looking at me with hate.

She poked his arm "Hey James" she said while playing with her hair. "What is it Brittney?" He said in a flat tone. "You are going to save me a dance tonight at homecoming right?" "Sure whatever" he said. She shrieked in joy and strutted over to my side of the lab table. "You better keep your hands off James, he wouldn't want anything to do with someone like you" she said in a harsh whisper. She smiled and strutted back over to her lab table.

"What did she say to you?" He asked me in a hushed voice. "Nothing important I said while shaking my head. "Lets do some chemistry shall we?" He nodded his head but seemed to be preoccupied bye what she said to me.

-----(The End Of The Day)-----

After the several classes in school, There was a "ceremonial welcome party" for me, Landon, Ian and some other new students. It's basically like homecoming for the new kids of the year. Eva helped me find some clothes to wear . She basically told me I looked like shit, and had to dress classy because this event was going to be taken place in the ball room.

I decided to wear a strapless red dress that ended 1/2 a foot above my knees, with black high-heels. Talk.About.Uncomfortable.

I walked out of my room  falling face down on the floor because of these stupid heels.I let out a deep sigh.

"Hey, you alright?" James asked next to me. I let out a little laugh. "I guess" He grabbed my arm and helped me up. "Thanks" I said with a curt smile. He seemed to have been dressed up too. Because now he was in white dress shoes and black slacks.

We started back down the hall until my shoes acted up again and I stumbled. James let out a low laugh "Here let me help you" he said. He wrapped his right arm around my waist and we continued walking down the hallway.

At the bottom of the staircase we met up with Ian who had his arm possessively around Eva,and Landon who awkwardly stood near the door.

Eva's eyes darted to where his hand was on my back and waggled her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes in response. Landon let out an awkward cough and murmured "I think we should get going " Ian nodded his head in agreement and we followed them into a big room that had lights seeping out of the cracks in the door.

Eva clapped her hands in excitement and scurried into the room with Ian following behind. I looked around and it seemed that Landon had also gone into the room. I turned to James' arm which was still around my waist. "Thanks" I gave him a big hug and he returned it by squeezing me gently. He finally let go and I walked into the room with magical lights.

This...Is going to be a night to remember. I thought with a smile.


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