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"Don't you think its time to stop putting yourself in these kind of situations?" The man said. A familiar silence settled between the man and the boy once again. "Adam, you ther-"

"I don't put myself in these situations," Adam said. "My mom does." The man sitting in the chair across from the ebony haired boy sighed deeply.

"Adam, your 17. Please don't tell me your mother is forcing you to take these therapy sessions still." The boy leaned his head against his hand and rolled his eyes dramatically.

"Shes very persistent to 'fix me'."

"Are you broken?"

"If I was, it wouldn't matter."

"Yes it would." The man remarked. Adam hummed a response and then the silence strikes once again. Adams glacier gray eyes were dark. Never lifeless, but bordering on unreadable and permanently glazed over in thought. The man would never know if Adam chose himself to be vacant to the world only so he could live in his dangerous thoughts. Adam looked tired. But than again it could just be the lighting, or the purple bruised skin underneath his eyes. "Sorry to be so intrusive," the man says sarcastically. "But do you know why your here?"

"To complain about my life? Well my wolf has been acting up again."

Adam swooshed his fucking ebony scene hair (with purple streaks) to the side as he continued on about 'his wolf'. (What does tht mean I don't know what the fuck that means no one knows what that means I'm fucking)

His glacier (grey) eyes grew lustful and heavy as he stared off into the dark nothingness. "My wolf has been naughty lately.." Adam paused to take a deep shuddering breath(aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAH).

"My wolf," he said, "He is my lover, my soul. My dark deep soul. My dark deep bloody scene wolf soul."

The therapist stared at him with knowing eyes (his eyes are also glacier grey). "And how has your wolf been acting lately?" He prompted, pushing up his tiny glasses (I just imagine he has really tiny glasses and looks like Morrissey).

Adams pale skin shimmered in the dark room. "He's been..." Adam trails off (into the dark nothingness).

The silence strikes again. For like two hours it's just a really long silence. Tiny glasses Morrissey man needs to get home to take his

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