One week has passed, and you know what that means.

Some lé Elounor time.

"Please tell me El1 isn't so awkward." I shrug and she groans in frustration. Harry turns around at the sound and rolls his eyes.

Okay what?!

Just this morning, he was smirking at her and making cute faces.

What's wrong now?!

Taylor shrugs it off and grabs her bag.

"Leggo! I needa film you and El. Compulsory, the head director says. Oh and ALSO ZERRIE AND PAYZER OR SOPHIAM OR WHOEVER YOU'RE DATING!!" Taylor yells for the other guys to hear.

"And Nemi..." I whisper. She gives me a shocked look.

"Are you kidding?! AND NEMI!! NEMI DON'T ESCAPE FROM THE JAWS THAT IS MUA!!" Niall lets out an embarrassed laugh as Taylor giggles at her dramatic act. We go out, holding hands for fun. We act silly, pretending to be like the different couples. We even pretend we're Sophiam and Taylor totally fails. Well I have to give her benefit of the doubt, she's never met Sophia.

First, we head over to her workplace where she gets her "gear". I get even weirder stares than usual and that's weird because paps' job is to look at celebs.

"They know I've got you for business totally so I don't need to venture out or get into stampedes anytime soon. They're jealous. But honestly, I realised all you have to do to get my so called privilege is to just be nice to celebs. Well at least the ones who haven't got their head up in the clouds of 'me, myself and I'." I smile happily. I'm glad that at least one pap gets it. All you have to do is be nice. She hums a song I've never heard before, before she realises something and stops abruptly.

"Hey, why'd you stop? It was nice!" She giggles sheepishly.

"You are the popstar with a number one album in 32 countries." She emphasises on the 'are'. I roll my eyes.

"No Grammys yet," I retort and she laughs.

"Hey, not our fault you don't write more heartfelt songs." She shrugs and opens her locker.

"Seriously?" I ask. She giggles.

"I'm not saying I write better songs but... have you seen Taylor Swift? She's the type that won't win many VMAs and Brits, well that's because she isn't a Brit, but she'll sweep the Grammys. Why? She's hardworking, she can sing, she writes catchy songs and on top of that, she writes heartfelt songs. Oh and even more, she sings it with emotion. She doesn't sing songs to 'burst your ovaries', y'know? She just wants you to feel as if you're flipping through a diary, which is very personal." I look at her questioningly.

"One, wow that was deep. Two, you write songs? Three, maybe we should be doing that eh?" I list, my thoughts, unlike hers, in a mess.

"One, oops? Two, um... just pretend you didn't hear that part. Three, nope. Your fans want their 'ovaries burst' so just keep on doing that. Save your Taylor Swift moves when your sexual appeal goes down. That's also why I think Taylor has more lasting power. Not much emphasis on sexual appeal. And you guys need to slow down on the albums. Needa show off your lasting power, y'know?"

"You sure have a good mind for the industry."

"Imma go out on a limb and say that's what pap-ing does to you." She replies, packing her chargers and extra battery packs. I help her pick up a charger.

"I'd like to hear a song soon," I press. She blushes and rolls her eyes.

"Maybe one day."

"Like now? In the car? She bursts out laughing.

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