But we're bestfriends...♥

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{Gianni Intro}

Heeey! Im Gianni & Im 17 . Im moving back to houston from Florida, I drive an Range Rover & My parents spoil me..& I love it♥ I have a boyfriend Marco which he's moving back to houston with me & he'll be staying with his grandmother. My father is an Big time drug dealer & Me .. Im Innocent


Wassup!!! Im Andre..I have a Girlfriend named Ashley but she be doing the most sometimes Im 18 years old .. TURNN UPP! anyway I drive a All black musthang & I sell weed for a living .


Today we officially moved in...Yass!

Johnny(Gianni dad): Babygirl?

Gianni: yes?

Johnny: You have to go to an school called Delta .

Gianni: Okay..Im happy to be back though

Johnny: Thats good..First thing in the morning we have to go Enroll you.

Gianni: Goodnight...love you

Johnny: Love you too

with that said I went and picked out my outfit & Talked on the with marco a little while & went to bed...

             {ANDRE P.O.V}

I woke up at 6:45 a.m . I was tired as f*ck mannn..Anyways I got up & showered , brushed my teeth , put my polo on & drove to school.

Ashley: Hey baby...-kissing Andre-

Andre: -kissing back- wassup baby

Ashley: Hmm..Wanna spend the night at my house tonight?

Andre: Yeah ..

Ashley: Okay baby..bye

She walks away...

Mr.Walters: Andre Ramsy! My Office

Andre: Mannn.. what the f*ck?

Mr.Walters: Watch your language.

Andre: Ughh -walking in the office-

Mr.Walters: Have a seat

Andre: -Sits down-

Mr.Walters: Mr. Uhh Ramsy ., We have to talk about your grades

Andre: What about Em'?

Mr.Walters: They are dropping horribly ..

Andre: Okay And?

Gianni walks in...

Gianni: Hi , Mr.Walters Im Gianni Dean.

Mr.Walters: Hello, Ms.Dean!

Gianni: Im Here to Enroll .

Mr.Walters: Okay..One second -typing-

Gianni: Okay..

Mr.Walters: Hmm..Ms.Dean I like the look of yours of your grades.

Gianni: Thank you..

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