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*Louis' POV*

    On the way to my apartment, I couldn't stop thinking about her. Angela. Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful person. Her eye's were big and a beautiful shade of green and her brown hair really complimented them.She looked about 5'6, only 3 inches shorter than me, her piercing was just like mine, but on the other side of her bottom lip. She was wearing a purple half sleeve with 'Come here, if you dare' written on it with blue ink the last time i saw her, the day I saw her at the mall she was wearing black jeans with a plain blue shirt, I guess it was safe to say she looked beautiful in anything. I was actually happy that she was the only one who could see me...


  *Angeles POV*

   The next day at school I decided to not tell Katie about Louis. She didn't acknowledge him last time at the mall, so she might not like him or something. It also turned out that after I followed Louis' instructions for my math homework yesterday I was actually one of the 6 people who didn't have to re do the assignment. Ima have to thank him for that later, I surprisingly got excited by the thought of him.

   When I got home I texted Louis to meet me in the park again to help me with some homework. I perfectly understood this subject but I just couldn't wait to see him again, he texted back a few minutes after saying he'll be there in half a hour. I quickly got changed into my favorite shirt and a pair of skinnies and a new pair of vans. I put on a bit of makeup and by that I mean mascara, and some foundation, I never wore colorful eyeshadow, and I never put on anything more than some eyeliner. I had a few minutes left so I got everything ready in my backpack and headed out the door.


  *Louis' POV*

   'Message from : Unknown

   Hey Louis, I don't wanna be a bother but I was hoping you could come to the park again today and help me with my homework? Thankyou.
    -Angela. ××'

I read the text from Angela and quickly saved her number in my contacts. I texted her back saying I would be there in 30minutes and put my dresser, I put on a black shirt with 'Escape the fate' written on it with white ink I put on some black jeans and headed out the door with my keys.

   As I walked towards the park I smiled when I saw some children playing in their yards,  I walked up to the fence to get a better look and a huge dog came up at me, barking.

The children noticed and came running towards the fence, one boy, who looked like he was about 13 or something, held the dog back from the fence by it's collar and looked up at me, then looked back at the dog.

'What is it boy? Do you see something?'

The boy looked right at me, well more of at my shirt because I was alot taller than him, but it seemed like he was looking a lot more far away from where I was, which was 3 or 4 feet away from him. I smiled at them both and noticed the little girl beside him, who looked about 4 or 5, looking up at me, right at me. She pulled on the boy's shirt and whispered something in his ear, I cocked a eyebrow at her, wondering what she was saying. The boy's eye's got wide and he looked up at my face, he looked back down at the little girl.

'Are you sure?' He asked

The girl looked at me a bit frightened and whispered back,

'Yes, can't you see him'?'

Her voice was so innocent and sweet, it reminded me of Angela, I realized I needed to meet her at the park. I smiled at the girl, figuring she could see me, and walked away.

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