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I hugged Niall so close to me.I didn't care anymore.I finally have my Niall.I have him & thats all that matters.

"I missed you so much!"I said holding onto him.

"I missed you too Melanie."He said kissing my forehead.I kissed his lips.His soft firm lips that I've been yearning for the longest.I began to make out with him.


"Me & Liam will go out to the river,get some water."I said.Liam smiled at me,& I smiled back & looked away.

"Okay."Faith said.

"Lets go Liam."I said.We walked towards the woods heading into the cliff & the same waterfall.I sat near the water & then I felt Liam push me into the water,I got out the cold water & gasped.He looked at me laughing.

"Need some help clumsy?"He asked with a smirk.He held his hand.

"Yeah I do."I said pulling him in as well.He flipped his hair,& gasped as well.He carried me bridal style & kissed me.His lips were so soft against mine,yet such a turn on since they were wet.

He carried me onto under the waterfall & the water ran under us & soon we were making out.He pushed his brown hair back & I looked into his beautiful hazel-ish eyes.

I began to kiss him again,our tongues exploring nore than Dora The Explorer ever could.I felt his hands squeeze my boobs & leading down to the Vjayjay.

""I whinned.He looked into my eyes.

"Why not?"He asked kissing my neck.

""I said,kissing him on the lips.

"Why?"He asked.

"Just No Liam,We have to get back to the others."I said.

We were walking out of the water,& we began our trail back to the camp.We saw a few heads.I stopped in my tracks.Shit thats not our team or Liam's.Thats The Wanted.One of them noticed & told the others.

"Shit lets go!"I hissed grabbing Liam's hand with force & running towards the woods.

"C'mon!"He said.I looked back & saw that they were after us.We ran towards the camp.

"Throw the weapons!"I screamed.Faith threw me my axe & I ducked & stabbed that bald ugly motherfucker in the guts & began fighting.Everyone got out & started to fight.

"Aghh!"I grunted.I ran to another& was going to stab him but his strong hand grabbed the axe & pushed me back.I fell back & rolled.He was going to go down to my level but I saw Liam run over to him & tackle him & snap his neck.I was breathing heavily.He came over to me & wrapped his big strong arms around me.

"Are you okay?"He asked panting.I nodded my head & he kissed my forehead & I wrapped myself into him.

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