Pass Slowly - Part 2

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I step out into the cold weather, chills running up my bare legs. I follow my brother out to my car. When I'm about to open my door, I hear someone behind me. I turn around, and find David looking at me.

"Hey guys, would you mind driving me home?"

"Sure," I say, pulling the lever to my seat so he could get in. "Hop in."

He squeezes into my tiny Honda Civic, and I sit down into the drivers seat, and close the door quickly. Shivers run through me as I turn the heat up.

"You cold," Daniel, my brother, asks.


David and Daniel laugh, and I give them a look, eyeing their thick uniform jackets.

"You guys actually have jackets on. Don't act like you wouldn't be cold if you were wearing shorts," I say back, as I drive out of the parking lot. Daniel makes a face, and let's the subject go.

When I stop at the stop sign before I hit the main road, I feel David touch my shoulder. I look back at him, and he has his jacket in his hands, trying to give it to me.

"Thank you," I say, as he places it over my shoulders. "Now put your seatbelt back on." He gives me a big smile, and leans back into his seat.

"Oh and Dave is staying over tonight, so we need to go by his house," Daniel says.

"Oh, okay," I say, surprised. I turn my head slightly back toward David. "I thought I was just taking you home."

"Yeah, me too. Dan wants me to stay over," he laughs.

"Okay," I laugh too.

It only takes about five minutes to get to his house, and I pull into his driveway, Daniel let's him out.

"Close the door! Its cold," I say, as Daniel gets back into the car.

"So, what's going on with you two," he says, after he closes the door.

"What are you talking about," I say, looking at my hands.

"Don't lie to me Elena. We all know how bad you are at it."

"What do you think is going on?"

"I think you guys like each other," he says, with a big smile.

"What's with the smile," I say, slapping his arm, making the metals on David's jacket jingle.

"I think its cute," he says. "And I kind of expected something like this to happen since you guys are so close in age." Even though David is in Daniels grade, David is closer to my age than his. He's only a month younger than me.

"So, what do you think?"

"If you guys like each other, go for it. And, even if I'm your little brother, I'm going to protect you and make sure you don't choose some guy that is going to take advantage of your loving nature. I've known Dave since elementary school, and he is a good guy. Don't worry what I think. Just go with what you want, and if you are happy, I'm happy," he says, smiling his big smile at me.

I smile back at him, just as David opens the door. He hops into the back with a big bag, and I head off to my house.

When we get home, I rush inside so the shivers don't take over my body. Wow, it's cold. David and Daniel don't come in right away, and I look out the window to see them talking. I head to my room to get this dress off and take my make-up off. Even though I didn't even put that much on.

As I get the last of my make-up off my face, I hear a soft knock on my door. I look down at myself, and see that I'm only wearing a t-shirt and my underwear.

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