The not so "Date"

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(I'm sorry if it's not very good guys. Ive been going through a bad time. I've had a hard week or so. If anyone would ever like to talk I'm here too by the way :) alright well here's some more of the story)

Lizzy POV

Well after that whole episode with Harry I've been trying to avoid any contact with the boys in general. I'm afraid there might be tension. I don't exactly like tension.

Shannon called me crying.

"Shannon!! Shan what's wrong???"

"It's-it's Liam. H-he doesn't like m-m-me."

"What?? What do you mean??"

"Well I'm not m-mad but h-he said he l-liked s-s-someone else."

"Awh Shannon I'm really sorry."

"It-it's alright. I'll be f-fine. I've got to g-go. B-bye Liz."

"Bye Shannon. Feel better!!"

Aww poor Shannon.

Niall has been texting me a lot and asking if I'm okay. I understand he's worried but damn he's so persistent.

*Buzz Buzz*

Hmm I wonder who that could be. Sarcastically speaking of course.

From: Niall

Hey. How are you? Would you like to go out tonight? On a date? Please reply Liz...



Hey Niall. I'm sorry I've been ignoring you. It's just.... Awkward. But I would actually like to go out tonight. Pick me up at 6?

Seconds later, literally seconds, I got a reply.

From: Niall

Yes!!! Yes of course ! 6 it is ! See you then love xx

It was 3 and I decided I'd sleep for an hour before getting ready.

~1 hour later~

I woke up to constant buzzing from my phone. Confused I opened my sleepy eyes and unlocked my phone.

I had a bunch of mentions on twitter.



You fucking slut back the hell off Niall. Who do you even think you are? Niall and Harry are dating. Duh you whore.


Ummmmmmmmmm sorry niall's mine :) ur a slut :) kill urself thanks :)

Well ouch.


idk this lizzy chick seems nice. She's pretty. Just treat Niall right please.

What was all this sudden outbreak of tweets about? I haven't been with Niall for at least 3 days!

Oh I found the source. God damnit Louis.


Niall's getting very spiffy for his DATE tonight ;) @Lizzy_Cotter88 are you ready??? ;)


@Louis_Tomilson thanks for making it public Louis!!! My mentions are blowing... Not all good things either :(

I got plenty of mentions after that but they hurt too much to share.

I jumped out of the shower and troweled my hair and body.

Sitting on the floor in front of the mirror, I did my makeup.

After being satisfied, I put on a red dress I had recently gotten. It was 3 fingers width on the shoulders and the back dipped low down to my lower back. It stopped at about midthigh. I paired it with black heels and a black necklace.

I then did my hair and the curls touched to mid stomach, just below my boobs.

Right as I finished brushing my teeth, the doorbell rang. I spit out all of the tooth paste in my mouth and grabbed my phone, black clutch purse, and I was ready.

I opened the door and Niall was standing with the cutest white button up on. He wore black skinnys and white vans. He looked adorable.

Niall POV (short)

I had my head down and I was looking at my shoes. The door opened and it startled me.

I looked up. My mouth probably dropped. She was so beautiful I couldn't even take a breath. She shut the door and I was still paused staring at her.

"Hi Niall!" Her exclamation tore me out of my staring fest.

"Liz." I managed to breathe out.

"You're so beautiful lizzy. Probably the most beautiful girl in London."

I blushed at my blunt comment. But she seemed really flattered.

"Niall you're so sweet." She blushed.

She's going to hate me soon though...

Lizzy POV

Niall seemed a bit nervous and distracted.

"Erm we should go." He stuttered.

I followed him to his car and he opened my door. I sat down in the passengers seat as he made his way to his side.

I changed the station of the radio when I was started and literally almost screamed.

"Hey!! I was listening to that!!"

I quickly turned to the backseat to see a mad Louis.

I looked at Niall with obvious anger.

Liam and Zayn both greeted me.

I said hello and looked back at Niall.

He had a guilty look in his eyes. We still hadn't left my driveway yet. I motioned Niall outside and recieved many "oooooooooo's" like they knew Niall was in trouble.

Niall made his way to my side of the car. He flinched before I even started yelling just by the look on my face.

"What the hell Niall. I thought this a date.. Not a group dinner."

"I know I know I'm sorry. They just really wanted to go and I couldn't say no!"

"It's easy! You just did it!" I said sarcastically.

We both turned to the car to see three faces smushed against the window watching us.

Niall gave them a glare and they all quickly jerked away.

"Niall. I'm not going on this "date" with all of them."

"But Liz-"

"No Niall. Either we drop them off or I stay here."

Niall looked conflicted before he went to talk to the boys.

He motioned me to get in the car.

Liam was the first to speak up,"We didn't mean to ruin your date Lizzy."

"It's alright. I just kinda wanted a night alone with Niall, ya know?" I said grabbing ahold of niall's hand.

Liam's eyes seemed to droop a little and he spotted our hands. His eyes seemed to lose a bit of color and looked dull. Why was that?

"ya I know." He said firmly and a bit abruptly.

Ok then

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