Won't Stop to Surrender

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Chaos. Fear. Massacre. That is exactly what awaits us at camp. A horde of walkers have attacked camp. We hear the screams from about 50 feet away. And the gunshots shortly after.

We all stop and look at each other. Then, without speaking we take off to help fight the invaders.

We enter the clearing and a scene from one of my college history text books comes alive.

Gunshots and smoke fill the air, blood and bodies litter the ground. I start launching the heads off of the undead.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. I won't stop to surrender. I won't stop until my heart stops beating.

I'm reminded of the time we were overrun. My family. We were sitting around a campfire on a warm night, much like the one upon us. Only about five walkers attacked, but it was too much for Kat, dad and I when we weren't expecting it. I lost my best friend that night. Katrina Walker, a beautiful girl who wasn't built for this world.

The walkers eventually ware out. After the last gunshot from Rick, silence is our next enemy.

Andrea eliminates that one. She spills out a shuddering sob over the dying body of her sister, Amy.

When I see Amy, lying there with her blood soaked blonde-hair, the light leaking from her kind blue eyes, I see Kat.

"No. No! Kat, oh please no!" I hear my own voice ringing through my ears. My brain buzzes with lost thoughts and memories. It's like a thousand blows on the inside of my skull, rocking me side to side.

I lean over and throw up on my shoes.

"Whoa, sit down Anna." Glenn puts a friendly hand on my back and helps me sit down on the dirt clearing.

"Noo! AMY!" Andrea sends waves of terror through the atmosphere. The only other sound is the crackling fire. Once again, this world upon us does not fail to remind that, death is prominent and no one will ever be safe.

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