Michael The Bully...Or Is He?

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Dangerous Era...

*Y/N's POV*

You walk through the big gates of your new high school, you hated transferring but you needed to for your family. You went to the Principal's office for an introduction and to get your timetable and your locker number. Once all that was over you got shown your locker. You drag yourself over to your locker, carrying all of your heavy textbooks. Jesus it's only the first day and you haven't even had your first class yet. From the corner of your eye you can see someone staring at you.

He was tall and slim, he has long black curly hair that flowed past his shoulders. He had dark brown orbs, he had a strong jawline. His stare burning right through you.

You glance at him for a moment and he furrows his brows, you quickly look away

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You glance at him for a moment and he furrows his brows, you quickly look away. You grab out your text book for your first class. As you start walking off to your class the young man who had been staring at you steps in front of you.

"Look what we have here." He smirks.

"Excuse me?" You ask, raising your eyebrow.

"The new kid huh?" He says, walking around you in a slow circle stopping back in front of you.

"Y...Yeah." You stutter. He was making you nervous.

"You won't last here very long sweetheart. What I say around here goes." He says sternly.

You want to fight back but you're honestly afraid of the guy. You start to move backwards but he steps forward.

"Where do you think you're going? I'm not done with you yet." He warns.

As he goes to grab you a teacher walks up to you asking for you. You sigh in relief, the young man who was terrorising you glares at you while you walk away from him.

A Month Later...

It's been a whole month and that guy has been bullying you, you found out that his name was Michael, Michael Jackson. The popular guy in school but well known for bullying too. You don't know what his problem with you is but it's getting on your last nerve. You can't fight back because he terrifies you so you just put up with it. He's rude, mean, up himself and is inappropriate.

You were putting things in your locker when Michael walks up to you.

"Hey Y/N." He says, he drops a book from your hand and laughs, "Oops. You dropped one!"

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Someone yells from behind you.

You and Michael turn around to see some guy angrily looking at Michael. He bends down to pick up your book and hand it back to you. He looks at you with a soft expression.

"Are you alright?" He asks you.

"Ahh, yes. Thank you." You respond, taking the book from him.

"She's just fine. Run along." Michael snaps.

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