Arranged Marriage To An Egotistic Vampire... But Which One??

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Unwanted Thoughts... But Why Did Guests Have To Come Along With Them??


"Kick harder Rose!!!" Alex shouted at me as he trained me to fight.

We'd been fighting for four hours straight and contrary to popular belief, vampires do get tired... Extremely tired.

"You act like you don't want to protect our baby! Do you even care if an enemy gets your baby? Our baby?!" Alex nocked me onto my back for what had to be the hundredth time in the last hour.

I was three months pregnant so I still wasn't showing but I could feel the link with my baby already. The doctors (vampiric doctors of course) told us it was a girl and that had brought a smile to Alex's face, but since then he has had me training constantly to ensure the baby has two parents who can literally fight for her life.

The only problem with the two parents part... I wasn't even sure if it was Alex's but since that day at his house, I hadn't seen James. He hadn't phoned me, hadn't emailed me, hadn't sent me a text or a letter; he didn't even turn up to my wedding to protest or congratulate me.

At the memory of James' abandonment I kicked harder, punched harder and moved faster, pretending it was him I was hitting for all the heart ache he'd caused me. All the misery. All the... Loneliness!

"Do you even want your daughter Rose?" Alex hissed and my vision turned red. How dare he!!! My baby was only thing keeping me centred in the new world I've been forced into.

I attacked without thought, I just let my instincts take over and had him pinned against the wall by his next within a minute flat. "Take that back!" I hissed in his face and didn't even recognise my own voice at that minute.

He smirked at me and pride shone in his eyes. "I apologise my love." he stroked the side of my face and I eased up my grip until I finally let to of his neck completely. "Our baby couldn't have a better or protective mother than you Rose." Alex kissed me deeply before sweeping me up in his arms to carry me to our room.

When we reached the grand master bedroom he gently laid me down and kissed me softly before murmuring, "I've got some business to take care of, but you rest and I'll be back in a few hours." with that he left me in the room alone.

He had to take care of business a lot lately.

I shut my eyes and tried to sleep and came to the same conclusion as I always did... I wasn't that tired anymore. I stood up and walked over to the window in time to see Alex backing out of our driveway in his new car and driving away. I sighed when I couldn't see his car anymore and absently rubbed my non-existent baby bump thinking of what my beautiful baby girl is going to be like. Smart? Tall? Short? Athletic? Brunette? Blonde? Vampire? Part vampire?

But no matter how many thoughts I think, they always lead back to one thought. James. How could he leave me without a backwards glance? How could he even have the curtesy to phone me? Was the baby his? Was he my soulmate or was Alex? Why did he run? Was it me?

"Stop thinking about him." Riley intoned from behind me. She could no longer startle me like she used to because I could smell her distinct smell of flowers and sunshine a mile away.

"Thinking of who?" I asked innocently facing her; fooling nobody.

She shook her head and hugged me tightly. "You know who." She whispered in my ear before pulling back but holding the tops of my arms to survey me. "Alex had you training again?" She asked in disbelief noticing my fading bruises.

"He thinks I won't be strong enough to protect my baby girl if I don't train enough now to be strong when she's born." I shrugged but his reasoning still irritated me. As if I wouldn't be strong enough to look after my own baby!