Being responsible? Part 10

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21st October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

My eighteenth birthday had come and gone without any fanfair of anykind. Just like my sizteenth did. The only ones who knew about it were Jack and Mrs Beemer. No one else.

So walking into the kitchen to see the two of them standing there with a large cup cake with a candle sticking out on the top of it lit up bought a big smile to my face.

Having them sing to me the happy birthday song also made me smile even more. neither of them could sing for nut. Mrs Beemer is tone deaf and Jack can't hold a note to save his life.

I was now eighteen and I knew that being this age brought with it new responsibilities that I have to deal with now. I couldn't leave it up to anyone else to handle.

Jack finally told me that he was going to apply to Boise State. It wasn't that far away and they had the courses he wanted. Business Management and BioEngineering. It sounded interesting I suppose.

He was all excited about it and that's what really matters. I decided to join in at the towns local college online courses where I will start taking courses in Environmental Studies and Natural Science.

I didn't know until well afterwards that the courses I actually took were ecourses out of the Boise University's online study units. I guess I ended up going to university after all. But by doing it all online now that it was available for students.

It was to help me with my gardening.

Dad didn't bother me very much after I refused to sign all those papers he wanted me to sign. When he found out that I had my own lawyer look at them and let me know what his intentions were, he nearly choked.

His face went so red I thought it would pop.

Not that it didn't stop him from trying to trick me. He tried all sorts of things to try and take control of everything. I was wondering why when he had alot of his own which was more that what i had anyway. At least I think so.

None the less, life just plodded along as it usually does.

Jack was taking a few months off before starting his uni courses and was planning a little holiday before life got serious for him. Not that I blame him anyway. He deserves it.

So after a couple of weeks planning and packing, he was off travelling around the states visiting all those places that we had talked about when we would be down at the river fishing.

I missed him, but I was happy for him living his dreams, such as they are.

I managed to join one of the local garden clubs to learn all I could about the local environment and what works with plants and gardening.

The group was made up of nice people of various ages and they were very helpful to me.

When they foundd out that I was the wild feral kid that ran around the streets barefoot dragging that 'poor Nolan boy' with me, they were very embarrassed as they remembered the remarks they said about me in their prescence.

I just laughed and waved their remarks off.

I said to them that I wanted to enjoy my childhood and do what I wanted and when the men found out that I loved fishing, it was like I had been their best friends forever.

The ladies didn't know what to make of us. But they enjoyed my being with them and didn't mind the many questions that I asked them constantly.

I had even managed to make a few friends nearer to my own age. They were actually aquaintances more than friends. But we spent some times together either meeting up for lunch somehwere or even going out once or twice to a night club.

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