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Justin's POV

I was going on tour soon and I knew I wasn't going to be able to bring Tara with me. She needed to stay and complete her treatment. I felt bad that I was going to have to leave her for a year. Scooter promised I could have breaks to go and visit. And they could fly her out there whenever I needed her. It still broke my heart thinking about all of it. But I knew I was going to have to tell her sooner or later. 

I looked on the other side of the bed and saw Ariana was still there.  I kissed her nose and she giggled. God did this girl drive me crazy! 

J: "come on baby let's get something to eat." 

A:"No I don't wanna get up!"

J: "Babe you have too!"

A: "NO!"

J: "fine!"

I then picked her up and carried her like a baby and she snuggled her head into my neck. I then walked down the stairs with my big baby. I got to the kitchen and put her on the counter and got between her legs. I started to kiss down her neck. 

A: "Juju stop!"

J: "What am I doing?" I smirked

A: "Justin!"

I then started to rub the inside of her thigh.We where making out and she was tugging at the rim of my shirt. She helped me take it off. We kept making out then I heard someone clear their thraot. 

I looked up and saw my Mom and Tara. 

J: "hi" I blushed. 

P: "Hello." She said sternly. 

Ariana hid her face. 

J: "Uh what's up?" I said putting my shirt back on.

Tara: "Watching you two suck on eatchother!" 

P: "Yeah."

J: "Oh."

P: "Justin Drew can I talk to you?"

J: "Sure?"

P: "Thank you."

My Mom and I walked into my office and she had me sit down.

P: "Have you told her yet?"

J: "What?"

P: "You didn't tell Tara did you?"

J: "I was going too."

P: "No, Justin it looked like you where about to have sex with Ariana."

J: "Mom!"

P: "Justin, what if it was just Tara?"

J: "I don't know."

P: "Justin, please stop having 'sex' and worry about your child."

J: "Mom you don't understand, I want a child who will love me! A child who looks like me, acts like me!"

P: "Justin! Tara does love you!"

J: "She can't love anyone!"

P: "Justin Drew Bieber! She is getting better. You said in the car today when we left church. 'Grammy Daddy is so nice and he is the best daddy in the whole wide world and I love him'.


P: "Yes Justin. Think before you say."

J:"I'm sorry Mom."

P: "It's alright Justin."

 J:"I think I'll go and tell my princess that I'm leaving for tour. 

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