11 - Words

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     "Words," you say quickly, because it seems like the least dangerous option.
     Out of nowhere, walls shoot up on either side of you. You let out a yelp of surprise. They're about two feet wide and rise all the way to the ceiling. Sharp knives of all sizes stick out in random angles all over the walls. They shine menacingly in the candlelight.
     "I chose words, not knives," you say.
     "Silly mouse. All my games have knives." The specter laughs wildly, then stops abruptly. Her smile is so wide, you wonder if it's been altered with surgery. Does it ever leave her lips? Her face looks stretched to the max. "Like my knife wall?" the freaky woman says.
     "Not really," you say.
     "Wait till you see what it can do."
     Without her saying a word, the walls shift, drawing closer together an inch as though a magical pulley keeping them apart had been loosened a notch. You gasp and your companion screams. That little display got your heart beating a mile a minute.
     "How exciting!" the woman squeals. "Now rules-" she rolls her eyes, keeping her lips wide, "Such a burden. Anyway, I give you a riddle. You get it right and you go free, get it wrong or don't answer before the clock strikes and the walls slap together and slice right through you!" She giggles and twirls in the air, wisps of white smoke swirling around her, then she stops and stares seriously. "You get three minutes, starting now!"
"No wait, I'm-"
"I once was warm, but now I'm cold. I have no eyes, but I have seen. I have no brain, but I've had thoughts. What am I?" she asks, ignoring your protests.
You start to panic. This is harder than you expected. You shiver and look for a way out, but there is none. The walls are wide enough that if you move, she could let them snap shut before you get clear of them. The blades on either side look so sharp and dangerous, it almost wipes all thoughts from your brain. But you've got to focus! Give it your best shot. You've got no other way out of this mess...


Here's where it gets different: comment your answer to the riddle and your answers will decide the next chapter! If more comments are wrong than right, it'll be a dead end. If more answers are right than wrong, you'll all move on! No cheating on Google (you probably wouldn't find an answer anyway, because I've just made it up :P). Test your wits!


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