Back at "Home"

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When I got back to my new "home", I decided to check the text.

'Hey my parents told me to text you so you have my number. Bye.'

Oh Tyler, great with words.

After adding his number to my phone I got out of my new baby, my truck, and walked inside. Mrs. Martin was sitting by the oven and was making something in a pot.

"Hello Ainsley! How was the coffee shop?"

"It was fine, we didn't talk much. The girls wanted to go to the mall. I wasn't too interested."

She looked up an smile, "Okay, would you like some tomato soup?"

"No thank you, I hade a bite to eat at the coffee shop." After that being said I walked up the stairs and went to my room. When I got there I took out my colored pencils and notepad. I began to draw a sketch of my room. I drew the desk near the door, the bathroom door, and my t.v hung up on the wall.

After sketching for awhile I heard my phone buzz. I looked down and had a text from an unknown number. I decided to open it.

'Hey, I never got you name. By the way this is the guy from the coffee shop and my name is Kyle. ;)'

I decided to add the number and text back,

'Like the name. Mines, Ainsley. :)'

After setting my phone down I walked into the bathroom and set up my charging doc for my phone, which I forgot to mention was an iPhone, and set all my makeup bags up and put my hair stuff in the drawers. I looked at my charging doc and saw that it was already four o'clock.

I walked back into my room and picked up my phone. I had a new text from Kyle.

'I like your name too ;) Maybe sometime I can pick you up we can go to the beach or something? :)'

I pondered over whether or not I would want to go out with him someone or not. I decided to text back,

'I'd love to hang out sometime! ;)'

After little to no time he sent back,

'Great! ;) I will remember that for another time.'

I set my phone down and realized that I was smiling. I haven't had a guy like me in forever. The last guy that did was a jerk. He moved away though to like Florida or something.

After I finally got myself to stop smiling there was a knock on my door. I yelled "come in" and in walked Tyler.

He looked around my room then said, " Well you look like you settled in nice. Uhh.. my mom said that dinners ready so she sent me to come get you."

"Okay, I'll be down there in a bit."

He nodded his head and walked out. I let out a breath I hadn't realize I was holding in.

I got out of bed and walked down the stairs. I smelt something reallyyyy good. It smelt like steak and mashed potatoes.

"Hello Ainsley, how was your day?" Mr. Martin welcomed me.

"It was good, yours?"

Mr.Martin smiled and said, "Very good."

I sat down and grabbed a plate and put some mashed potatoes and steak onto my plate.

Dinner went by quickly. Nobody really talked, except for when Mrs. Martin would ask me an occasional question.

When I finished eating I excused my self and set m plate in the sink. While I was walking up the stairs I heard someone whisper my name.

"Ainsley, follow me."

I looked back to see Tyler speed walking past me. I decided to trust him and follow.

We ended up going to his room. I was a little skeptical at first, but I walked in and sat at a chair in front of his t.v.

"So, now that your living here, I ask you one thing."

"And what would that be?" I smiled innocently at him.

"That if I'm sneaking out or something that you don't tell my parents if you see my, please?"

I wanted to gain his trust so I said, "Okay, I guess."

He sighed in relief, "Thank you so much. If my parents ever knew I ever sneak out they would kill me."

"Okay, is that all?"

He smirked at me and said, " If you ever want to hang out sometime or I somewhere you know where I live."

A blush crept onto my face. All I said was, " Eh, I might have better options already. And why are you so interested in me? All I did was move into your house."

He looked at me and smiled innocently at me, "You seem pretty cool."

"Well, okay."

I was about to walk out his bedroom door before he said, " Oh and there will probably be no better options then me."

I blushed and walked out the door.

When I got to my room I put my pajamas on and put my hair into a messy bun. I turned off my lights and took a look at my phone. I had a new text from Kyle.

'Hey, I was wondering if you wants to go grab lunch tomorrow?;)'

I replied quickly,

' I would love to!;) Ill be ready by noon!'

After hitting send I turned my phone off and fell asleep.

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