Chapter 9

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The next morning it's all grey and the clouds cover the sky. Dan is laid on the chair he was on the night before in Phil's hospital room. Phil sleeps peacefully is lips slightly parted. 

Dans POV
I wake in the chair where I slept the night before. I watch Phil sleep did I hear him call me spaniel? I let it cross over my mind and face the sleeping Philip Lester. I smile when I realise how much pain he must be in after the crash. Maybe he has broken bones. What if he needs a operation... the thought slides over my mind but lingers when I notice him wince in pain as he moves. My heart then stops I could lose him. I quickly shake the thoughts from my mind.

"I just got him back I can't be thinking like this," I mumble to myself being as quiet as I possible can trying not to wake Phil as he needs to rest. I try and get myself re commutable in the chair but being 6'3 it isn't easy in a small chair. I then sigh to myself as I just settle on sitting forwards. I watch silently as Phil sleeps, his lips slightly parted and his hair a mess, it's like an angel has been blessed upon me.

I notice Phil's eyes start to flicker open and I smile. "Rise and shine," I say softly to him and he smiles.

"Your still here, I'd thought you go Thro the night as you must have not been comfortable in that chair," his words are soft as the come out his mouth and I just smile wider.

"I'd do anything for you Phil, and I only just got you back, what if they moved one of us to not see each other for months," I say shaking my head as a frown creeps upon my face replacing the smile that once laid there.

Phil goes to sit up but I can see the pain in his face. "Relax Phil, you need it," I whisper standing up and the smile returns to my face. Just as I'm about to sit down two nurses come in with a doctor.

"Mr Lester it's good to see your awake," the doctor says as he walks over to Phil who is just laid there. The doctor places a hand on Phil's head and removes it again. The doctor then turns to me "Mr Howell you may have to leave for this part," he says to me with soft eyes.

Stunned I stay sat. "I would like to stay with Phil please," I say as soft and gentle as my voice would let me at this moment in time.

"Very well then," the doctor turns from me and faces Phil, I can see the seriousness in his face. "Philip due to our serious injuries after the car crash we need to operate on your back so you will be able to move with easy and not in pain -" before the doctor could finish I stand up, Phil looks absolutely petrified in his face.

"What is the chance he will live," I say butting in my voice filled with concern.

"40% chance that he will live leaving a 60% chance that it could go wrong due to we will need to operate on his back, however he could live the operation but be paralysed forever or he won't live long but then again he could live a happy healthy life after the operation," the doctor continues his eyes darting from me to Phil then back at me. My eyes start to fill up I could live without him. "I will give you a few minutes to sort out what you want doing about the operation," the doctor continues before leaving the room with both the nurses.

"Dan, I know what your going to say but I need this operation. I need to be able to move with ease not be in pain when I want to look at you." As Phil talks tears drop down my face. I know he needs the operation but it's a small chance he could live which hurts me more. What could I do without Phil. I try not to think about it and concentrate on Phil.

I sigh before I start to talk " Phil I couldn't live without you. This Operation could kill you it's more likely you'll die then live." At this point I can see Phil's eyes filling up as well this melts my heart seeing him upset.

We sit in silence for a few minuets before the doctor come in on his own. He looks at us both before speaking. "So about the operation-" he is interrupted by Phil.

"I'll do it, I'm in so much pain and I could die but I'll do it. " Phil's words break my heart as he talks his risking his life. Again. Tears stream down my face as the doctor nods and re-exits the room.

Phil's POV
It hurts me to see Dan so upset. His eyes are already red from tear. He doesn't move or speak so I do "Dan, I'm sorry but I need to be able to not be in pain when I move..." my eyes fill up just watching him cry.

"But you could die or be paralysed..." he speaks thro sobs " I don't ever want to lose you but now I might," he talks again. It's hard to make out what he is saying but I manage "or you could live and not last long..." Dan's words are full of sorrow as he talks which makes me devastated.

"I know Dan. I know. But I could live a happy healthy life and I will be able to spend every minute with you. " I pause and take a deep breath. "Because I love you Dan. I really do and now's my chance to tell you. After the car crash I knew that I really cared for you a lot not like a best friend or a younger brother but more. I love you, you my Daniel the spaniel..." I look up at him with sorrow in my eyes.

"I love you too Phil," it breaks my when he talks as it's all filled with sorrow and sadness and I hate seeing him like this.

Dan pulls the chair he slept on close to the bed and sits down. We sit and talk ,for what seemed like minutes but was hours, about all the good times and the happy memories. It makes him and me laugh and smile. His cheeks are stained with tears as are mine are I have little to no strength to wipe my face.

A few hours pass and the doctor returns. "Are you all ready Phil," the doctors voice is soft and gentle but I force a nod and wince in pain. I notice Dan standing up.

Dans POV
I stand up as the doctor speaks again. "I love you Phil, forever and always.." I say my eyes once again filling up with tears as I place a light kiss upon his lips.

"I love you too Dan..." he's word are soft but no tears in his eyes. He has faith in the operation I can see it in his eyes. I should too but I don't and it's breaking me. A couple of nurses come in and they help the doctor take Phil's hospital bed out of the room.

"I love you my Philion," I say which breaks me into tears. And it breaks me more when I hear a faint.

"I love you too my Danosaur," the faint words from Phil as he gets taken out.

I stand alone in the room tears falling and dropping off my face. I drop to my knees and stare at the ceiling. "All that's left now is hope..." the faint words come out of my mouth soft and gentle as I stay there in a puddle of my own tears.

A/N: Remember don't cry craft that's all I'm going to say even tho I'm balling my eyes out...

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