First Game

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(Name of story changed.)

2 days later


" Hey my manager said you should come to my game today, you know so we can look like a couple. Though there isn't much acting involved for you since you actually like me;)"

I tried not to laugh to much. I haven't known him longer than 48 hours but I can already tell he's extremely cocky. I even googled him since Kelly gave me such vague information . She kind of neglected the mention that he had a son, I think thats key information that I should probably know. He also was a extreme player. I knew that since I met him though. He always flirts. Thank god for google though.

I began typing on my iPhone,

"Oh trust me if anyone going to fall in love its going to be you. And sure. Should I just meet you at the stadium?"

I knew he was a soccer player. Thats something Kelly did mention. And a few days ago, at Starbucks, Cristiano talked a lot about it too. I could tell he was really passionate about it. When he talked about it he didn't even seem like his usual ignorant self. Surprising I know.

"K great. Ill pick you up around 2"

I put my phone down and sighed. I hope this isn't more than I bargained for.

After a few more minutes of lying around and moping I decided I should probably get ready. It was already 10 but I have this thing where I lay around in my pjs and just act like the laziest person in the world.

I slowly walked over to my dresser and pulled the top two drawers open. I rummaged for a white V-neck T-shirt. After finding a semi-wrinkly one I decided it would have to do and put it on over my tank top.

Then I put on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans.

I added simple accessories like gold hoops, aviators, and a Louis Vuitton bag. My hair was naturally pin straight so I left it that way. As for makeup I just wore foundation, mascara, and a shimmery Champaign eye shadow.

I honestly didn't want to wear heels. 99.9% of the time I wear 5 inch heels everywhere I go, but a soccer game Doesn't seem like the perfect time to wear a pair new pair of Jimmy Coo's. I settled on a pair of mainly grey with a little bit of white Nike free runs.

After I looked at the clock on my phone I realized it was 1:57 so I decided to go outside and wait for Cris. The sun was bright and I quickly locked the front door because I heard a car pulling up. I did this just in time considering the fact that at the exact moment I turned around and Cris had pulled up, in a very nice looking car may I add.


As I pulled up I turned and admired the beautiful figure that began walking towards me. Her hair was gleaming in the sunlight and her pearly white teeth were on full display because she was actually smiling. She surprisingly looked kinda happy to so me as she got in the car, but then again it could be my imagination.

She opened the door and sat down.

"Hey." was all she said as she put on her seat belt.

"Hi" I replied back.

The car ride to the stadium was an awkward silence until Juniors light snore in the back seat caught Kendall my surprise.

She quickly turned around and smiled, "Oh my god he's so cuuute." she said quietly.

I chuckled, "Thanks."

"So who are you like playing for today?" she asked.

"What?" I asked confused.

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