Coffee with the Ladies

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That morning when I woke up I took a look at my phone. I had fifty new texts. from who your wondering? My other two friends , Emma and Jaclyn. I didn't feel like checking them so instead I decided to take a shower.

After showering I put on a pair of purple shorts, a gray hoodie and my favorite pair of gray converse.

As I was walking down the stairs with my phone and purse in hand I was expecting to see the kitchen empty. But instead what I saw was Mr. an Mrs. Martin drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

"Hey Ainsley! Good morning, how did you sleep?" Greeted Mrs.Martin. She was wearing a blue sun dress and her hair was curled to perfection.

"I slept well, thank you."

After flashing me a smile she replied with, "That's great! So what are you planning for today?"

"I was gonna meet my friends at the coffee shop down the street. Then maybe go do some shopping or something."

"Sounds nice. If you need any money or anything just tell me!"

"Will do." After replying to Mrs.Martin I took a look over at Mr. Martin. He was wearing khakis and a polo. I've always wondered what he did for a living...

I was about to walk out the door when Mr. Martin said to me, " By the way, your parents said they left you something in the driveway."

After he said that I sped out the door only to be met with a beautiful black Toyota truck. I almost screamed my head off! I guess my parents left this to make up for leaving me here.

I jumped in the front seat and started the truck. I started driving towards the coffee shop. When I was almost there I got a text. I glanced down at it and saw that it was from a unknown number. I decided to wait until I got to the shop to read it.

When I pulled up to the shop I ran in since I already saw Vivi, Emma and Jaclyn through the window.

Once I stepped into the shop I walked over to the counter and ordered a black coffee. My mom always said to start drinking it black, because black coffee has more caffeine for when I get into college. It took me awhile to get use to the taste but I really like it now.

"Can I get a medium black coffee in a to go cup and a small chocolate chip muffin?"

When I looked down from the ordering board I notice that the guy at counter was really cute. Like really super cute.

"That will be seven fifty. Can I get you anything else?"

"Nope that's all."

He looked at me and smiled, then replied, "Well maybe you can get me something like your number?"

I though about it for a moment, "Sure why not."

I then wrote down my number and handed him my money too.

He looked at me and smirked, " I will make sure that this number goes to good use."

I blushed and walked towards the table where my friends sat.

"Hey gu-" I was cut short by Emma starting to speak.

"Omg! I don't get how you could be here right now when you could be with Tyler at his house!"

"Gosh Emma nice to see you too."

Jaclyn looked at me and smiled, "She does have a point Ainsley! I mean really! He's so... I can't even find the right word!"

"Whatever. I saw him for about five minutes ever since I started living there."

"Well if you would try to talk to the guy then maybe he would notice you more!" Oh Vivi, so wise. Note the sarcasm.

"What more can I do than move into his house!"

Emma was the first to reply,"Fine, you almost done? I wanna go to the mall! I saw the cutest top a-"

Me Jaclyn and Vivi all replied at once,"NO WAY!"

Emma wasn't too happy, " Come on guys! We've only gone shopping like, ten times this summer! "

Me Jaclyn and Vivian all groaned.

"Theres no way I'm going but pick me up something nice ladies!" Was all I yelled before running out the door to my lovely new truck.


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