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Shadows rained down on them, a swarm of soul-sucking black mist. Though they knew an attack was imminent, the abruptness of it caught them off guard. Vescovi stood in the lobby where the casualties were being bagged and taken away. Numbered in the single digits, the toll would have been greater if it weren't for Sven's—Daniel's quick thinking. Because of him, the entire building was now shielded from a full on assault from the shadows. The men and women who were on the outside at the time were the ones who got their souls ripped from their bodies. Those who were wounded, Martha tended to them. Some needed bandages; others had injuries that required magical help. The woman was efficient; organized and collected in the midst of the turmoil. Ava made a good choice with her.

Ava's other selection still gave Vescovi pause. He watched Daniel as he charmed the weapons they had to make them lethal to the shadows. The runes on the guns glowed a dull orange. Ebbing and dimming the motion making their weaponry seem as if they were living, breathing things with heartbeats. Upon impact, the bullets reduced the shadows to nothing; the blades cut through them like paper.

Another team of soldiers was gearing up. As they collected their weapons from the makeshift armory that used to be the front desk, they also received charms. Knick-knacks that were spelled to prevent their souls from being devoured. They prepped and readied themselves awaiting the rotation with the other team on the outside. The objective here was to protect Anax Corp. It was their base of defense and operations, however, limited their function after the EMP that fired most of their electronics. Below them in bunkers were innocent civilians. The few who decided to remain in Pentorium. Vescovi questioned his decision in giving them a choice to stay. If he had been steadfast in a mass evacuation...but then again, where would all of them go? Although the microscope was pointed at Pentorium the conflict between vampires and werewolves and their human counterparts was present all across the continent extending out into the rest of the world.

His views on the humans blackened around the edges when they killed his son, Jayson. Was that ever going to change? Did it matter? In a war such as this unity was essential for not only victory but also survival. He could see that through his anger and grief, the humans could not see it through their fears. Restless, Vescovi went over to Daniel. He was tired of sitting on the sidelines. Daniel raised an eyebrow as he approached.

"How are we looking?" Vescovi asked. He knew that the face he was looking at was a mask. A cover to make what Ava did more palatable but he could see through it. Understanding her reasoning did little to give him comfort. Vescovi's personal discomfort aside, the man, Daniel, was proving to be an asset.

"This is the last of the weapons," Daniel said. "Sent a new crate to the guys around back." He charmed the assault rifle he had in his hand. The runes wrapped around it like vines of throbbing light. He handed it to Vescovi.

Though the shield around Anax provided some protection, it was nothing like the dome in the Mountain. If the shadows managed to overwhelm it, they could breach. To prevent that from happening teams went out to reduce their numbers, taking some of the pressure off the shield.

Vescovi took the gun handed to him and checked the clip. "What about the ammunitions?"

"Doubt we'll be running out. Philippe is prepared to arm an army."

Weapons checked Vescovi geared up like the team who went before him.

"Marx wouldn't want you going out there," Daniel commented.

"What he faces is much worse than this." Vescovi took up a charm from the red box they sat in. It was a toy tank. He tucked it into his pocket as he strode towards the door.

The leader of the squad, waiting for the changeover, turned to speak to his team. He saw Vescovi and hesitated. More eyes shifted in Vescovi's direction.

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