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my grandpa

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i remember cocoa puffs at night, with you in the candle light

i recall the stories you told me,

about the war and how times were hard

how you walked to school barefoot,

and i remember thing"wow that must have been tough"

i miss you laugh are you happy now?

without the suffering and hurting?

i hope you're happy

you just were getting so skinny then

near the end

and we all knew it was coming

saw something in your eye that said you'd had a good life

now let me go

you lost your baby fine hairs

and got so pale

the night i found out you gave up the fight

it hailed, those water droplets were as translucent as your skin

and i thought it was god crying for me

but they were happy tears,

because you were no longer suffering,

they were assuring me

that you were happy.

you'll see him again.i promise

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